Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Kid Klips

Yeah Right
"Hey Court!" I heard Landon say as I walked out of the room. Turning slowly and silently with an aire of reproval on my face, I looked at him. He grinned (read, smirked) and quickly said, "I was talking to another Court."

Little Parrot
Toby often talks to Janae in an encouraging and soft voice when she deserves praise for something. He calls her endearing things like "sweetheart" at the same time as well. One day I overheard Landon and Janae playing and Landon was just doting on his little sister with the most affectionate tone of voice... "Good job, Sweetheart! That's how you do it Sweetheart! Hey Sweetheart..."

The Guy in the Brown Truck
Landon found a package on the table and knew exactly where it came from.... "Oh! the SRP came to our house!" (UPS)

A Language of Her Own
Janae: "Caucky" (said in a squaky tone of voice and implies coffee)
A hair bun is called a "bum."
Her new mud boots are called "boops."
"Na-niKe!" (Good night)
"I sick." (when she gets full prematuraly during a meal time and would just really like her dessert)
Basketball and popsicle are said the same.
For being a chatty little girl, her language skills are pretty much set in their own way and are very minimally at best the dialect of most English speaking people. It makes for interesting moments of communication.

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