Monday, February 18, 2008

Your Questions Answered

A few of you have asked questions in your comments and I have sorely neglected to respond. I decided to do that here and thought maybe if any of you have other questions, I'll just respond to them on a weekly basis or something. I may not have advice but I probably have an answer for you. Sorry for the delays but hopefully you won't have to wait so long next time.

(By the way, if you asked me a question and I don't have it here, ask again because a lot of them got lost in my inbox somewhere and I was having a hard time digging them up.)

Does Toby read your blog regularly?
Yes, he does. And he actually likes it when I blackmail him.

By the way, have a very happy anniversary. Is it today?
Thank you very much and it was Friday, the 15th.

awww! That fateful night in November....
I disagree. And you would too if you contemplated the fact that you would have no neice or nephews to photograph had your brother-in-law not proposed to his girlfriend: your sister.

I am just wondering if you are praying each week for an unmarried friend?
No, I pray for one a day. So far, no body is married but a couple have prospects that they didn't have at the beginning of my prayer resolution. The only problem is that the prospects are not the right ones. So, I am learning how to pray specifically... or stop praying altogether unfortunately.

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Should I move to Milford?