Saturday, October 21, 2006

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Thursday, October 19, 2006

1st Official Craving

It was late at night. But I was starving and I knew exactly what I was craving.

I dreamily expressed my specific craving in detail to my dear husband. And he listened patiently.

"I want a Chicken Fajita like McDonald's used to make... tender chicken, green and red sliced peppers, sun dried tomatoes -- you know, to make it really fresh -- and it's all in a really good fajitas sauce." My voice trailed off until I realized that was everything. "That's all I want," I said.

His response was, "You're not being picky enough... how many grains of salt do you want on that?"

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Line Upon Line...

A little, fuzzy head. A perfect, cherub mouth. Peaceful, sleepy eyes. A tiny, button nose.

Ten perfect, tiny fingers and the cutest little toes. Hands that tightly grasp anything in reach.

So trusting, so vulnerable, so innocent and so pure.

Angelic little baby smells waft gently around the bundle. Sweet fragrances fill the home that is blessed with Heaven's treasure.

There tucked inside that soft, warm blanket is the bearer of your dreams. The fulfiller of your hopes and the answer to many prayers.

But just beginning is a life that will consume your days and nights. This baby who answered your prayers is also only the beginning to many more.

Children are a reward from God but with a reward comes responsibility. And the more that reward means to you, the more seriously you'll take that responsibility.

With joy, we accept yet another reward from the Lord. A new little treasure is due to arrive next June and we await with excited anticipation the blessing this little life will be to our home.

Right now, the reward doesn't feel so rewarding considering the nauseating responsibility this task is. But, I still love being pregnant and look forward to brighter days when the thrill of being pregnant outweighs the physical limitations of being sick.

Line upon line the test changed the course of our lives