Thursday, February 07, 2008

Gone But Not Forgotten

It is time to commemorate a moment of solemn silence. A moment in which we reflect on what once was and now has passed on. A time in which we acknowledge our personal depravity. A moment to dedicate to a precious memory; the fragile fragment left of what we once cherished.

Basically, it is a time to regret as well. Regret our own stupidity. Our own habit of procrastination. A time to stifle the desire to shoot ourselves in the foot in order to help numb the pain of regret. The reality that we are here and that is gone and why why why? To squelch the mantra of whys.

Bad news always has good news and unbelievably, there is good news as we commemorate what was good and now is bad. The good news is my computer is fixed. The bad news (if you are standing, sit down now).... I lost all (are you sitting?) ALL our pictures (yes, brace yourselves folks) from our Christmas celebration this last year (please, someone shoot me.) The bad news is also that I had plenty of time to back them up but didn't. (I deserve a just and harsh punishment... at least send me nasty emails to make me feel better.)

I have more bad news (and this involves you dear folks -- not that you are bad news but let me get to my point). I lost my favorites list. The blog addresses of many dear friends (both the ones I have met and the ones I haven't met... only in the twenty-first centruy can you have friends that you haven't met). So, if you would be so kind to comment on this post and leave your addresses, I would be able to update my desolate blog list in my empty favorites bin.

The good news I mentioned above is hardly good to me. I don't even want my computer anymore. I don't even like it. I don't even want it to have an inkling of a clue that I may have possibly missed it in it's week-long absence. And I don't even want to upload any pictures to it. Ever. Again. It has been like an unfaithful, back stabbing, friend. Hardly the latter, actually.

With that, we conclude the morbid addition to our posting and resume normal topics... such as what's brewing for an upcoming anniversary... or, life with three kids three and under three hundred hours a day three thousand days a week... or, remodeling your kitchen with a three year old... or, tips to keep your hair while pulling it out (actually, I don't have any information on that one but I am researching how people pull that off... pardon the pun)... or, whatever else it is we normally blog about here when computers aren't the issue.

I just really have to get over that unfaithful computer that lost all those precious, priceless pictures.


Jean said...

You have really been having it tough. I feel for your loss of pictures because I don't know how you can replace them. You might ask others who took pictures on the same occasions to pass along some.

I was so afraid of losing my Germany pictures that I kept them on the memory card in the camera for months. The whole thing became so cumbersome to find the most recent pictures that I finally allowed them to be deleted. We have discs made of those but there are more recent pictures that we have no back up for. I don't know how to do a lot of those operations so I have to wait for some one else to show me or do it for me.

Here is my blog address:

Hope your other friends help you out.

BrittLeigh said...

My name is Brittney and I visit your blog semi-regularly. I think your kids are the cutest kids in the world. I don't if you were in the habit of visiting my blog or not, but I thought I'd leave my url for you so you can find it and add it to your favorites.

Forever, your Liberated Nanny of Truth


BrittLeigh said...

oh, and I know you're from Wisconsin, so I thought I'd let you know you can view pictures of the place you used to call home at this espresso website. Go to

They're getting some awesome temperatures there. You might be jealous.