Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Commenting on Comments and a FYI about Xanga we're sound asleep and at exactly 3:00[am] our computer starts blaring this music!!!! It's NEVER done that before!... So we've now decided to never read your blog again lest all your posts come back to haunt us.

That must be my problem too. Thanks for pointing that out. I will never read my blog before bed again. Not that I normally do but really, reading it at any time of day is obviously before bed. I hope you realize that too and will stop losing sleep over music at 3 AM. Isn't that an awful experience?

Should I move to Milford?

The never ending journey that so many young people find themselves in a perpetual state of asking: what should I do with my life? But, this young reader has stepped one step beyond her peers by asking the highlighted question above instead. The question that obviously purposes the idea of moving out of her "state" in finding what she should do with her life. To all you single girls out there, maybe get specific about what you should do by asking something very defined like this young reader did. Because, watch this: I will answer that question now, giving the asker no reason for doubt or worry: YES. See how easy that was?

Now, a comment for xanga readers...

Thank you to all who left your blog addresses recentely, especially you xanganites. I was pleased to make your aquaintance and sorely regret to say that my computer is not on good terms with the domain you use in which to blog (xanga) so I am unable to read your sites. Please do not be offended when I never comment on your sites: I go to them once in a great while but usually only when I'm in the mood for my computer to go offline unexpectedly. Trying to comment is next to impossible because of all the reconnecting I have to do, if I'm lucky. I can barely see your photos unless they quickly load before my computer disconnects.

So, my apologies for not commenting on your sites and for not putting footprints there. You all were so kind to comment here and let me know that you read my blog. I wish I could return the favor but I am unable to do so due to a technical difficulty... which is really a sad thing in this technically advanced world we live in.

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