Saturday, February 16, 2008

Off To A Good Start

It was wonderful. The celebration of our fifth wedding anniversary was spectacular. Reminded me of our honeymoon: no children. And quiet.

Toby's folks had all three kiddos for the night and we stayed home and made supper and ate candy and relaxed without kiddos. The house was almost deathly silent. I loved it although I don't think I would like that sound for very long. I remember now why I wanted to have that first baby so badly.

Everything went well until during the night around 3 am or so. I became awakened. I knew Alex didn't wake me. Or any of the other kids. So, as I layed there in sleepless frustration and not feeling very comfortable, what should I hear but the radio!!

I hate to be quite so blunt in my frustration so let me just say that I hate hate hate waking up to the radio at 3 am. It is the most annoyingly surreal feeling. It leaves you stranded between sleep and waking up. I can't sleep. But, yet I can't fully awaken. It is entirely annoying. To me it's synonomous to having sand in your bed. Or crumbs. Or even as bad as waking up to a sick child puking on you. It is terrible.

I told Toby my perils this morning over a romantic breakfast. I firmly stressed the point that he must not ever turn the radio on ever again during the night again. It makes no sense to me why he'd want to have the radio on anyway. I mean, if you're sleeping, why listen to the radio? The reasoning here is beyond me.

Not wanting to make him think this was optional anymore (we've had this discussion several time in the last 5 years), I told him I was just going to start sleeping in another bed. He didn't like that idea. But, then I got another idea that I knew he'd like even less...

"I'm going to a marriage counselor for this," I stated emphatically.

"Not a marriage counselor?" he asked me in shock.

"Yes, a marriage counselor," I was glad he was feeling the brunt of this.

"Yep and when they give me that card with a list of marriage issues on it, I'll rate them all at a 10 except for the radio question," I informed him poignantly. "That one will be zero at best."

"Oh," he said, knowing full well I know nothing about marriage counseling let alone if they give you a card to rate your marriage on.

So, I guess the next five years of our marriage is off to a good start... if I get rid of that radio. Or go to a marriage counselor.

Being married to the one I love is so fun. Notice I said I'd rate all "marriage issues" at a 10 (on a scale of 1-10) and I truly mean that. We fit together so well that when we do have a little rift (the radio is the biggest thing I can think of) it is more hilarious than anything.

No fears blog world: if we went to a marriage counselor, it would only be to cheer him up and let him see that not all marriages are bad.


Rachel said...

Courtney -- you're almost not going to believe this, but the very night after we read your post we were sleeping in our beds (of course, what else would we be doing the night after we read your blog?!?!?!). Anyways, so we're sound asleep and at exactly 3:00 our computer starts blaring this music!!!! It's NEVER done that before! So we all dove for the computer and finally got it calmed down.

So we've now decided to never read your blog again lest all your posts come back to haunt us.


Anonymous said...

Hi Court, I like what you have to say, but some constructive criticism. You may want to improve some of the grammar in your posts. The manner in which you use some words (and some are not even words) make the posts difficult to understand. Just some examples : In another post you use the word "boughten" I think you mean purchased, or "I bought". Boughten is NOT a word., Also, the word awaken is not used in the proper context. I am not being nasty, but simple grammar is important, especially when writing a blog :). Take car!