Tuesday, February 12, 2008


...to all you who commented! It is always great fun to see some of who is peeking in here on a regular basis. (I say some, because not all of you commented... you know who you are. :) )

It was nice to see some of our family that commented as well. Not only do I know you but we're related! (I hope you don't mind... :) )

As has been mentioned before, my blog is an outlet for me. Where I express opinion, thoughts and a bit of my perspective on life. I want to remember some of these mundane details of daily life with three kids, three and under. It always surprises and blesses me when I get comments of other people who are reading here and finding what I write to be worth reading. I enjoy hearing what you think. So, thanks again for your comments.

Now we return to "regular" posting. A few things on the calender this week range from home improvement to a special anniversary. Hopefully, it will be worth you staying tuned.

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