Sunday, May 18, 2008

Landon Lines, Janae Jems

A Good Kind of Pride
"I'm so proud of you, Mom!" Landon said as we headed out the door to go on a walk.

"Really? Why are you proud of me?" I asked, wondering if he knew what he was talking about.

"Because you let us ride our bikes." He said, happily.

Chewing Food
While eating popcorn one day, Landon made a keen observation.

"When I eat, my mouth chops it up."

The Unseen Guest
As the kids got ready to sit down for a meal one day, Janae began to direct Landon...

"I det to sit by Desus, Nannon and you det to sit by God."

Do You Just Call 911 Then?
Hearing that I needed an axe for the project we were working on outside, Landon informed me after my fruitless search for an axe in the garage....

"Firemans always have axes."

Just Between Her and the Bro
After explaining to the kids that we may go garage saling and what that would entail for them as ride-a-longs, I asked Landon if he wanted to do that. He was pretty sure he did NOT want to go and answered no.

Janae, sitting across the table, taking all this in, objected. "Nannon, dat would be nice!" she said, "da girls will be nice!" as if that made all the reason why he should go. I could clearly see she had no comprehension of what we had just talked about.

I questioned her and asked, "What did you just say, Janae?" She looked at me and said with a firm resolute and an aire that said I'll-get-back-to-you-later, "I am talking to Nannon."


JamieLee said...

LOVE the kid quotes, especially the "unseen guest" one! Thanks for sharing!
I'm a homeschool mom, too... would love for you to come visit me at my blog sometime!

Have a blessed day!

Lady Ruth Ann said...

love all the quotes - so cute!! "out of the mouth of babes..." Don't girls always like to talk like they know what they're talking about, even if they don't?

pat ve said...

I just loved these quotes. Janae has a way with words too. Is she your most verbal one?