Friday, May 16, 2008

Making A Goal To Have Goals

There's been talk around our dinner table and early morning couple time and often in a traveling van and... basically, we've been talking about this a lot lately. And that is about setting goals for our family. Goals are those things that I just never seem to have time for. If I make it a goal, I can't get it done.

Take laundry for instance. I set a goal to get it done and voila! that's that very last thing that could ever be accomplished in that week let alone day. So, understandably, I pretty much have left off goal setting.

Until I began to re-think goals.

  • Goals should not be lofty expectations set above and beyond our means.
  • Goals should be practical in that if they aren't done within the goaled time frame, we don't live in uncontrollable regret, ultimately handicapping us from having a positive attitude about life.
  • Goals are to bring purpose and productivety, no matter if they are completed or not.
  • Goals are sometimes those things that we have to resort to labeling under the "it's-the-thought-that-counts" category and then go on with life, at peace that some things are best left un-done. (don't ask what things... I don't really know. That cliche' just sounded nice.)
  • Goals should motivate not demobilize.
  • Goals should be the umph that gets us headed towards the finish line of a project.

    The bottom line is, without goals, our direction and focus is futile. There is no vision.

    So, as we purpose to gain some goals that match the capacity of our family and the ages of our children, I have realized that I need to make goals for myself. As a mom. As a wife. As a friend. As a Christian.

    It was then I realized that I perform best when I am under a time limit... company is coming and the kids are crabby and there's tons to do and food to make but I fly right through because I know there is only so much time to get everything done before it's too late. Ironically, everything usually gets done. BUT, on a quiet day when there is no time limit, it takes me 5 times as long to get something done. I know... that's weird but true.

    Of course there are chore goals we should make (and keep) but also other goals as well. Here are a few of the goals I have set for this summer that mostly apply to me....

    Bloom where I'm planted in this tight kitchen
    Become an expert "smoovie" (smoothie) maker
    Learn how to grill
    Get better acquainted with a friend I met last year
    Have company more
    Drink less coffee
    Worry less about my house
    Explore the capabilities of having a green thumb (basically, don't kill any plants for at least 6 months)
    Catch a snake
    Learn how to make better bread
    Spend less money
    Shop less
    Make a quilt
    Arrange a romantic master bedroom suite in our 9x11 room
    Have a garage sale
    Cook something new for supper
    Take better pictures
    Shed unimportant responsibility
    Greet my husband with a smile every evening for the next 365 days and everyday following
    Drink coffee with Toby in the morning on our porch swing
    Spend more time enjoying playing with my kids

    Okay, you may not relate or understand the reason for particular goals I have set but I have decided that living each moment to it's fullest is an option I have everyday to choose. And I am choosing that.

    The above goals are just a few things I've been thinking about but writing them down gives me 1) accountability and 2) motivation. Ultimately, it turns these ideas into goals.

    "If you aim for
    you'll hit it


    Lady Ruth Ann said...

    that's very inspiring. Thanks for the encouragement. I too do better when I at least have expectations and goals for myself. :) And needed to hear this - thank you!!

    Jean said...

    "Where there is no vision the people perish:" Prov. 29:18a

    some of your comments made me think of this verse.

    Jean said...

    The pictures of your kiddos are cute.

    Anonymous said...

    Your photos are sweet. I wish my snapshots turned out so cute.

    What a great list of goals. Good luck with them.