Saturday, May 03, 2008

Earn $25!

Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange

I usually toss these things off as spam, or frauds, or just plain crazy. But, today when I found this offer on Mrs. Wilt's site, I did a double take. Mrs. Wilt is an honorable woman so when I read her blog today, I was piqued with interest and learned about Revolution Money Exchange.

To top it off, she had found this offer on Crystal's blog and any of you bloggy homemakers would know that Crystal is a very credible source to rely on when it comes to smart money matters, creating beautiful homes, loving our husbands and raising godly children. This is what she had to say...

"I've been seeing a lot of talk around the blogosphere about RevolutionMoneyExchange and how you can earn $25 for signing up for an account. I'm usually someone who blows off things like this as "too good to be true" but after being repeatedly encouraged to sign up and try it out myself, I did just that today.It was a simple 5-minute sign-up process and I now have $25 showing up in my account. I am not sure how this company is affording to hand out $25 like this to everyone, but it's worth signing up for if you have a few minutes and could use $25. They also have a referral program which allows you to refer others and receive $10 per referral (up to $500)."

From what I learned, Revolution MoneyExchange is a Paypal-type program that allows you to transfer money online. The sign up is absolutely free -- I know because I tried it.

When I signed up today, there was $25 showing up in my account when I got done. If you sign up and put a link on your blog, your referrers will add $10 to your account...up to $500. You can also send invites through your email.

Note: this offer is only good through May 15 so sign up soon!

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Anonymous said...

Too good to be true! WATCH OUT!!!!