Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mothers Day Get-a-way

View of the front of the Lodge
Goin' fishin'
Father-son fishing

I think she had a cute idea about something.

Photo credits: Landon

Father-daughter fishing

Aiming for fish

All girl...

Saturday morning breakfast

Waiting for the train

Our first family picture on a train. A friendly, fellow passenger lent a hand and saved this photo from being an attempted self portrait.

There was thick glass and lots of water between the photographer and that shark.

Taking a ride.

Taking a ride II

Taking a ride III

Taking a ride... you get the idea.

Mother's Day 2008

Daddy and kiddos

Looking down to the restaurant dining room from our deck.

Hiking along the water

Mother's Day 2008 was a fun-filled celebration for our family. The Mahoney State Park was our destination and it was a perfect distance; not too far away but yet far enough away that we felt like we had "left town" while we were there.

Ironically enough, I didn't feel like a very good mother on Mother's Day. In a public place, my little angelic angel of a daughter fell backwards off of her seat and landed on her head while I was returning our room keys to the desk manager. In a very public, crowded place. It was embarrassing but even more so when someone offered me an ice pack for her. "She's fine!" I assured the kind lady knowing full well that Janae was only doing what she does best: proving to herself and the world that you can deny the law of gravity and still survive.

Then, a short time later in another very crowded place, Landon, of all darling boys, tripped and slipped and smashed and banged his head into a sharp corner on a hard table. Ouch. He cried in pain and would not stop crying in pain for several minutes. Usually he gets over stuff like that quickly but this was not worth getting over quickly, apparently. So, a kind person offered me an ice pack for him.

I felt like there were a collaboration of people in the world on Mother's Day freely offering ice packs to mothers like me for children like mine. I felt like they were all ganging up against me in particular too.

Our little get-a-way was a nice jaunt away from phones and computers and people. We realized on our way there that in our of our 5 years as a family, we had never taken time as just a family to get away for a weekend or go on a trip by ourselves. We always travel with other family or to family. Always. So, this was a good experience for us. We enjoyed it a lot and I have an idea we'll do it again some time, some day, hopefully soon and before the next 5 years is up.

The weather was not happy with our plans and made sure to show it on Saturday. Rain and cold and wind whipped around our lofty lodge window that overlooked the Platte River. But, we were undaunted and stole to our dry, warm van that took us to the Henry Doorly Zoo for a day of fun, animals and dry buildings.

Sunday morning, we relaxed and ate snacks for breakfast until it was time to check out. Then we went fishing. The sun was warm and bright but the temperature was a bit chilly. Coupled with the wind, it wasn't the perfect weather but it was still bright and cheery.

I managed to cast Janae's bobber and worm and hook at the top of a tree so it should be understood that our fishing efforts certainly didn't produce many fish at all. At least not on our fishing poles. There were fish in the pond, I'm sure, but they didn't come and see us or nibble our fat juicy worms.

Landon and Toby enjoyed "racing" their fishing poles by casting and seeing who could go the farthest and who could reel in the fastest. That was more productive than fishing it seemed. I didn't join in though. That bright orange bobber dangling in the tree made fun of me the whole time we were at the lake. It'll probably still be there when my children's children go camping someday with their parents. What a legacy I am leaving.

Coming home is always good but this time, it felt too soon. The water and the sunny skies and the break from normal life was too good to be true. But, at the end of the day when all was said and done, I realized that a happy life does not consist of having a good time or finding happiness in things. Or even having fun. Happiness to me is waking up next to the one I love and hearing the happy little voices drift through our house during the day. That brings me all the joy that could be had.

I hope all you mothers had a wonderful Mother's Day and that the rest of you made sure that the mothers in your life had a special day.


pat ve said...

What a special time for you and your family. That is very special to just be your own family--and needful. It's the stuff that puts good memories into your kids. I couldn't help but see Landon and Janae playing up their calamities for all they were worth. Audience means something. Have a good week. I enjoyed Mother's Day vicariously through your blog.

Jean said...

Like your pictures.

A good Mother's day was had by me & mine - went out to eat with my daughter and my good hubby - the rest of the tribe was otherwise occupied.