Thursday, May 22, 2008

Are You Making Today Count?

If you're living today like you'll be here tomorrow, STOP: there is no guarantee.

If you'd need one more minute just to tell someone you love them, quit wasting the minute you have now.

If last night was the last time you'll ever spend with your loved one, does it hold the kind of memory you'd want to be left with? Are you wishing you would've made better use of that time? Appreciated that hug enough to remember it? Relished the experience of just being in their presence? Did you tell them "I love you" before you fell asleep?

When your husband comes home tonight after a hard day's work, act like you thought last night could've been his last. You'll appreciate his smile. Notice his cute tussled hair. And melt in his arms with even the simplest kiss. It could be his last trip home tonight. Make it count. Make some memories.

When your kids got up this morning did you take notice of it enough so that if they don't wake up tomorrow, today's memory has no regrets?

When you put your kids to bed tonight, give them an extra kiss because somebody out there can't kiss their little girl at all. It wasn't planned that way. They didn't know their days were coming to an end the morning of the day she woke up that last time.

And you don't know when your child's last day is. It could be today. Make it count.

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