Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What Do You Think?

The template here is old and outdated. I have 3 children now but by the background pictures on my blog, you would think I only had 2.

Yet I get a lot of comments about the background so I don't know if it would be worth replacing/changing/deleting/just leaving. When I blog, I don't actually see the pictures unless I go to my site directly. So, the background is more for the reader's benefit and not mine so much.

What do you think? Should it change? Yes? No? Maybe so?

Please reply with your opinion and no matter what you say, please include your email address. I want to personally respond to each idea, tip and comment.

If you would rather not publicly post your idea here, you can email me at tobyzluv "at" gmail "dot" com (I assume everyone would know how to decipher my email from that. Just trying to avoid public search engines that offer free spamming....)

I am wide open for your discussion!


Lady Ruth Ann said...

oh wow, what an opportunity for ME to have something to say about someone's blog. *grin*

First off though, my email addy is:

maid2praiz AT gmail DOT com

Next, to answer your question: well, I really like your blog layout, scheme & colors like they are right now. If someone reads your blog at all they will know how many children you have. There is definitely a "feel" to a blog when it has a certain layout, and when it is changed it's like moving house - it feels different till you've visited a few times and kinda get used to it. If you wanted to change it, I'd probably go for the same "feel" as in the sepia tones & children walking/playing, etc,.. It gives that calmness but doesn't jump out at you - even when you're reading the stories that these same children will do. :) So, I like it the way it is. :) Is it worth the hassle to change it? I don't know because I've never done that before, and from what you've said before, your sister helped you do it (or did it for you?).

And...well, let's just say I saw the announcement on her blog, and don't know that she'd have any time now to help her big sister do a layout for her blog. It just might not seem all that important to her right now. *grin*

(that last part was just added for the thought of it - I already said what I thought :)

So - was that a fine opinion for you??

Ginny said...

I think you ought to keep the same look on your blog, but maybe you can get a cute picture of the three of them to use in the same way that you are using the picture you already have up there. The look of your blog is unique to you. I really like it.

Ginny said...

Oh, I forgot. My e-mail address is on my profile. :-D

Tammy L said...

Sad to say, I find the background of your blog a little distracting, making it more difficult to read and enjoy your entries. I make it a point to always read through Bloglines, where there is no background.

You can certainly keep it however you like, but that's the opinion I have had since... well, I think ever since I found your blog! :)

My email address: fourteen_seventeen at yahoo. :)

Breckheimer Family said...


I've been a "lurker" on your blog for a while and recently revived my own blog (it's only fair to allow others to I felt the need to comment!

Your layout is really cute, but I've found that in the blog world change is good. In fact, I change my template nearly every other month!

If you don't want to create a new layout (or have your sister do it) you could visit where there's fun, free templates to choose from.

Whatever you choose to do..good luck and keep posting! :)