Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Few Profound And Some Not So Profound Thoughts

Storing all the diapers in one room is like keeping all your eggs in one basket: if a diaper is needed and for some reason you can't get into the room (especially if there is a sleeping child in there), you're sunk either way.

The best friends to have are people that know you better than you know yourself and love you despite what they know.

I don't understand why they say to "shake well before using" on pump bottles or spray bottles. Everything in the nozzle and tube leading up to the nozzle is usually all that's needed for one use and we all know that nothing can be mixed very well in a tube even if you do "shake well."

People that understand you even when they don't agree with you are the only kind of friends to have.

If you wear sunglasses on your face on a sunny day and end up with a "mask" from the glasses protecting your face around your eyes, would you get the same pattern on your hair if you tipped your glasses to your head?

If you can pick up with a friend right where you left off no matter how much time has gone by, THAT is a true friend. Any other person is just an acquaintance.

Marriage is the only relationship that must be maintained on a day-to-day basis. A good friend knows that.

All relationships are a two-way street: one-way street relationships get really old because you can never turn around and come back the way you came without breaking the law.

Life is complicated: some friends are enemies and some enemies are friends but not all enemies are enemies nor are all friends, friends.

If 2 kids is the All-American-family, what country is identified in a 3 kid family?

To love is a risk. To love never is a greater risk.

"I'm making sense; you just don't understand me."

If a friend calls you right before they board a plane for a dangerous country, you know they love you. If they planned their funeral before they left and decided to call you when they couldn't reach their own family, you know they really love.

When arguing with another person, you can change your mind instead of giving in and then you both win.

Changing your mind to agree with your spouse is the best way to win.

If you only use re-dial on your phone, you need to call somebody else for a change.

If your friend jumps out when the road gets bumpy, don't bother waiting for them when the road gets smooth again. They probably got stuck in the mud and nobody likes a stick in the mud.

Deep thoughts are like the deepest parts of the ocean; no one knows what's in them.

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