Sunday, April 27, 2008

Your Comments Published

Probably the one who always wanted you to prepare his plate has figured out how to get his food some other way by now and is not starving.
That's right. It was my brother Zack. He has Downs Syndrome and as a small child, needed a lot of care and assistance. I was that care giver and assister for him. He grew to only let me get his plate of food, as well as want only my help with many other things. And now he's grown, quite the uncle and is a big help around the house. "I'm seventeen!" he'll tell us over and over... "You know why? Because Dad said so!"

Next time we get gas I'll have to try and find the button! :) thanks for informing me ahead of time that it is impossible to find.
The following comment will help you "find" that button...

Often the emergency shut off button is on the building.
Somehow I knew this person would say that! My question is... why would they put the button clear across the lot, on the building, several yards away from where the gas spill would be happening? It must not be THAT big of an emergency when gas spills. Or, maybe the gas station knows that the farther away the button is from the spill, the more gas will spill and the more somebody will have to pay for gas....? Now that's an idea.

You haven't failed as badly as I did if they aren't [potty] trained by 4.
4 would be awesome. At this point, I'll be satisfied to have it done by 16.

Build Noah's Ark!! The children will love that.
Landon actually mentioned this yesterday and thought we should just build an ark. Although, I think he'd like to have it just for a playhouse; not because the basement has a tendency towards leaks.

Potty training...well, they say every child is different (whoever 'they' are).
THEY are definitely right. I wish THEY would have advice for all the DIFFERENT children though since THEY seem to be so smart about what THEY SAY.

Was the slime a result of the toothbrush taking a vacation?
That must be what happened at your house once. Another good guess would've been along the lines of toddlers transferring saturated toothbrushes back into the toothbrush basket which in turn causes a collection of slime to build up. You get the idea.

Recycle that tooth brush to cleaning dirty corners in the bathroom, ie tubs and where toilet sits on the floor.
Great idea and one I plan to do when my kids are older. At this point, they have proven on many occasion that they are not shy about the toothbrush they put in their mouth and would use Toilet Toothbrush without care. Even just to suck on. Yeah... we just won't go there yet.

If the tooth brushes are stored standing on their handles so that the bristle ends can air between uses they probably don't develop the slime deposit so fast.
You know, I have thought of that suggestion since you mentioned it. I will actually have to blog about one reason why that can't work as much as I wish it could. (in a nutshell, we have no extra counter space for a tooth brush cup [nor do we have adequate space between shelves] and one of us has a toothbrush that has a handle that doesn't fit in cups very well... specifically toothbrush cups.)

You didn't mention me either. I fit in none of said categories. I am the sister commenter.
Elaborate more than that and I will design an unsaid category for you.

I was determined to comment, but could think of nothing to say. So, consider yourself commented...;-)
This is the best comment I have ever received. I am inspired by your determination.

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Stephanie said...

I love how you actually reply to your comments!! It is so much more fun to comment somewhere if you think someone may actually read the comment. I just don't know how you find time to do the Q&A's...I'm in college, so I cannot be as busy as a mother of three children, but...when?!

Thanks for sharing your sense of humor! I love reading your blog.