Sunday, June 04, 2006

We Figured Out What To Do

We did it. We celebrated Toby's 32nd birthday. And on time too. Actually, it was a couple days early but at least it wasn't late.

We had a really good time too.

In regards to my "What To Do" blog of last week, I could've never imagined such a fun time to spend together for his birthday. All my preconceived ideas just didn't seem to lend themselves into actually being reality. And am I ever glad. It's not even my birthday that we celebrated but I had as much fun as the rest of us did.

Toby told me he wanted to go on a picnic at a local state park. Ironically enough, there are actually some state parks around here. Of course, they're all centered on man made lakes but hey, at least it's water too look at and not a field anymore.

On Saturday afternoon -- just hours before the planned "get-a-way," Toby finally told me his desired menu. I ran to the store quick and got his favorite foods and collected them all in the cooler in time to leave.

Our first plan was drive the stick-shift truck so that Toby could teach me how to drive it on a vacant, gravel road. It was so fun. I didn't stall once and I even had to stop and go at the top of the hill.

He was so pleased with my progress of learning but I kept assuring him I was not comfortable with it yet at all. Of course, he makes it look easy to drive a stick shift and can actually talk and drive at the same time. Me on the other hand? Well, between remembering how to use three peddles, not forgetting what gear I'm in, listening for my cue from the engine as when to shift next and remembering to put the clutch in when I shift (and not after), I could hardly carry on a conversation. Whenever we'd come to a curve in the road (which of course is pretty rare around here but it does happen sometimes) or a stop sign or the next intersection, I would always say, "Okay, just a second." (In other words, hold that thought and don't talk to me right now.) Talk about a one-track-mind.

As we neared the more populous part of our travels, I gave him the wheel. We headed towards the park and enjoyed our picnic.

The scenery in front of our picnic site

Toby contemplating his age...



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