Friday, June 09, 2006


'Twas an hour before showing when all through the house
all the toys were gathered and the floors were cleaned.
The beds were made, the dishes washed,
the tubs all scrubbed and the windows gleamed.

When suddenly there hailed a desperate shout
a troubled soul sounded as if she would faint.
For there where once the floor was washed,
there puddled a pool of whitish paint.

A tiny person squealed and screamed
for a puddle of paint was a delightful game.
A quick hand wash followed by swift banishment
to the safe toy room for the mischievous dame.

If only there were contraptions for such tragedies
to suck up the mess trickling through the wooden floor,
but there it seeped into the cracks and grooves,
right inside the seller's front door.

In all of creation there found not a better tool:
paper towels were a wonderful invention
they sopped and seeped and worked better than
the idyllic contraption I previously mentioned.

Two pairs of hands and a clean pail of water
applied with scrub brushes and the paper rags,
when at last it was finished there filled none less
than two paint-sopping-rag-filled grocery bags.

Now if you believe this unfortunate tale
I'm pleased to announce that it really is true,
but there where it happened there leaves not a trace:
the wooden floor looks clean and quite new.

Let this be a lesson for all who are blessed
with the charm of a youthful small girl or boy;
though innocence arrays those dear little folks,
they'd much rather make trouble than play with a toy.


Monica said...

The way you wrote that post was very cute. I'm sorry she made a mess but atleast you could get it cleaned up.

Toby Nelson said...

I like your poem,
About our home.
And daughter dear
Who brings such cheer
And so with that
I'll hang my hat
And quit this post
Before I coast
Into the way
Of naught to say.
Oops, I am there
But my hot air
Still streaming out
A lame-o shout
So, now at last
My thoughts are gassed
And I will quit
From where I sit.

Your Loving Hubsand (not a typo)
T. James Nelson

Coeur d'Court said...

Monica... yes it is a good thing we got it cleaned up. You actually can't even tell it happened.

Toby... I loved your little ditty of a poem. "My hot air still streaming out..." Yep, sounds like my hubsand. Sure love you!

Thanks you guys for the comments.:)

Rachel Marie said...

What a hilariously cute poem, Court! You sure have a talent for that kind of thing! I loved that!!!=D
And Toby's was fun, too!=)

Thanks for the fun!

Anonymous said...

You SO need a new background color!