Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Blogger's Block

Today, I had two separate remarks from two separate states from two separate people and both were within about 10 minutes of each other: I need to update my blog.

Now if that isn't a sign that my blog needs an update, I don't know what is.

So, here's your update. I hope you liked it.

I'm so totally having writer's block right now and when I do think of something to write, I'm unable to get to the puter. In one way or another, I'm blocked. Always blocked.

Right now, my boy child is in his room "taking a nap" supposedly. It's been about three hours since he laid down and absolutely NO shut eye has happened.

A lot of other things have happened in his room instead.

He evacuated the diapers out of his room and sent them all over the hedge (a child proof gate).

He disabled a shelving unit and put that out of the room as well.

He dismantled the diaper on his bottom and donned a pair of shorts instead.

And every once in awhile I hear a, "Heeeeeey, Mom beggee..." being hailed downstairs. What a charmer.

The girl child on the other hand is the epitome of the perfect child: sleeping cutely and peacefully in her bed. Her hair's all tousled while a purple bow lays hidden somewhere under her auburn locks.

My dear husband just came home and is basking under the breeze of the ceiling fan after being baked under the hot sun all day. I need to give him some lovin' before the evening gets away. There's supper details to attend to yet and then I need to get the house spruced up in time for this evenings showings.

Just thought I'd make some people happy and update this blog.

And no, the background isn't changing. To change the background means to change the template which means to... well, we just won't go there. Yet.

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