Sunday, June 04, 2006

Birthday Bash III

(For some reason blogger won't let me upload more than a few pics at a time... Here's the rest.)
After a stroll by the lake, we went into Lincoln to run a quick errand before getting a treat from Culvers. Then we planned to walk through the Sunken Gardens in the moonlight. Even in the dark, that place was gorgeous.

There were quite a few people milling about but everyone had an air of peace and solitude about them. It was so quiet and peaceful.

There were young couples courting by the fountain, old couples admiring flowers, middle ages couples walking, children squealing and skipping about, friends chatting by the little pond and families enjoying time together.

Everyone was with someone except for a lone jogger that seemed almost out of place racing up and down pathways, darting up and down the stair ways and constantly zooming past the rest of us trying to enjoy a peaceful night away from the rat-race. There she was panting and dashing about. It was almost funny.

Checkout the size of these dandelion looking flowers

Just me

Reading the names inscribed on the walk way

My technology un-impaired husband... he can't keep his hands off computers even on a date

And finally, the happy couple


Monica said...

You two are so cute together. Glad you had such a wonderful night.

Hannah Michelle said...

Courtney...what a delightful account of the birthday happenings for Toby! The pictures add a wonderful touch... You look so fresh & pretty. (Love the skirt!)You and your hubby are quite cute and sweet together, not to mention in love! :-)

Coeur d'Court said...

I agree with both of you... we look cute together. :) (I know that's a bit conceited of me but hey, I guess I am a bit biased.)

Thanks for your comments. BTW Hannah, the skirt was my latest sewing project but don't ask what pattern I used because it was a new and revised version of a skirt off of a dress pattern I had never sewn. I was glad it turned out considering I had no idea what it was supposed to do.

Anonymous said...

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