Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Politely Ignored Phone Call

This morning the phone rang and the three grown adults in this house all ran their separate directions to check the caller ID.

Adult number one found their ID displayed a name but also had a light showing that the call had been answered downstairs. Not wanting to disturb the conversation, they left the phone alone.

A quick dash down the stairs found adult number two chatting on his cell phone to another caller. He indicated that the call had been received by adult number three.

That particular adult heard the phone ring but when they went to get it, they found the display on the screen that said, "Extension In Use." So, not wanting to disturb what they thought was an already in-course conversation, they politely ignored the call.

So, three very able bodied, communicative people who are also friendly and usually concerned about others needs and wishes, all politely ignored the phone call. It seems strange that polite and ignore can be connected in the same phrase.

But sometimes being polite can over-ride your ambition to just jump in and do something. Obviously, that was the case today.

How thankful I am for caller ID and the chance to return the ignored call. Especially when I did so and the day took shape into a fun time of doing some special plans with some special people.

We met with the Wissmann family for a picnic at a local park and had a fun and enjoyable time. I'm always so encouraged to see a mom with young children (and old children too, of course) who's been on my path for awhile. Its always a challenge to me to see the example of an older (older meaning one that's been a mom for awhile but not necessarily old :) ) mom and the sweet example she portrays to her children even when they are young.

Britt, Landon, Janae and I all had lunch with them and had a fun time getting acquainted with our sweet neighbors. (literally too -- they really are our neighbors.) I could hear a lively discussion going on next to me between the two bloggers: Britt and Bethany and noticed a camera appear a time or two.

It was certainly a memorable time and one we hope to repeat again soon.

And next time, I'll just answer the phone regardless of what reason I have to think someone else is already on. I don't want to connect polite and ignore again when it comes to another possibility of another chance of fellowship with special friends.


BrittLeigh said...

This was probably the best-est day since I came here. I'm so glad that the phone call was politely returned! How fun to have the day take such a special shape. I love unique unexpected twists.

Monica said...

I'm so glad you all got to meet them. It sounds like you all had a lovely day.

Anonymous said...

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