Monday, April 21, 2008

When It's Time To End The Series

That's all folks! My series of "When" posts have officially ended. It was good to feel the pressure I had from knowing I publically stated that there were several finished drafts in my drafts folder. Something about admitting that was like confessing something but yet not giving it up. I hated that some of you were suspecting that I may just be a procrastinater. (I finally got around to saying that...)

So, there you have it. Our "series" is ended.

The next week will find me busily enjoying company and filling up on girl time. A member from here and the author of here have embarked on a plan to come visit this ex-Wisconsin girl. Hopefully we can have a productive visit together and don't overload the men around here with too many silly laughs and "I-got-the-giggles-for-no-reason-again" moments. Although, something in me says that we will indeed laugh far too much. And drink way too much coffee. And stay up way too late. And be way too ambitious. And have way too much fun...


Justo said...

Have fun with sis, and make sure she doesn't do anything too crazy.


Drowner Pro said...

Regarding your last post - do you propose that guinea pig pee stops diarheea? Maybe you ought to bottle it, package it, rename it, and sell it! You could make millions!