Monday, April 14, 2008

For Your (but not you literally) Information

There is a ***Disclaimer*** at the end of my "about me" just to your left in the profile. Read and be informed.

This announcement is made for no one in particular and particularly for no one single person. Do not take this personally. I am only informing the general public of a necessary piece of information intended for the betterment of the general population's well-being.

(This post was first published April 14, 2008 in an attempt to resolve potential issues with non-existent readers that will hopefully evolve to potential readers with non-existent issues. This post is randomly republished at random times on random dates.)


Lady Ruth Ann said...

haha! I love it! :) Quite a good disclaimer, being that some people don't seem to know what humor is.

But me? Oh my, I am full of humor, and love your humorous style of writing. Maybe it's something about growing up in a large family that you tend to understand things like this?

I don't know...but nevertheless, I don't think I've ever misunderstood you!! :)

lajiemarie said...

oh, Courtney... I just love you :D