Thursday, April 17, 2008

When Being Informed Is Not Related To Being Prepared

In Case Of Emergency, Push The Invisible Button --

I was filling the van with gas the other day and happened to notice the warning that said "In Case of Emergency, Push Gas Shut-off Button" or something to that effect. Basically, if there was a fire or gas spill or if somebody started spraying you down with gas, hit the gas-shut-off button and you would be one step closer to resolving the problem.

So, before an accident occurred--not that I was expecting an accident but we all know what accidents are: something that happens unexpectedly (pregnancies happen unexpectedly too but they aren't what we'd call an "accident" necessarily. If that were the case, some of us would have "accidents" for children or perhaps would be "accidents" ourselves which I'm sure would not give these people a very good outlook on life so I won't throw the accident-definition-blanket over everything in life.)-- I decided to be a responsible citizen and get in touch with that gas shut off button. Like I said, I was only trying to be responsible.

As the tank filled with gas, I looked for that life saving button. I peered all over the structure the gas was coming out. I examined the support pillars. I checked everything in sight. I assumed that since an emergency situation would most likely happen in the vicinity of where I was using the gas, the gas-shut-off button should be in close proximity. But, it wasn't.

I never found the emergency button. Good thing there was no emergency that day or I'd still be looking for that button. Or, worse yet, I could be dead by now. Now isn't that a morbid thought?


Peter said...

Courtney, next time try looking on the building. Often the emergency shut off button is on the building.

Lady Ruth Ann said...

oh my, that is funny! Next time we get gas I'll have to try and find the button! :) thanks for informing me ahead of time that it is impossible to find.