Wednesday, April 16, 2008

When Lemonade And Potty Training Are Hard To Do

When Life Gives You Lemons -- Just hope the lemons are good enough to make lemonade out of. This Old House has been, well, an experience. We are on standstill AGAIN. Although this time, the rooms and the entire perimeter have been framed, electricalled and the new stair way built and we were ready to drywall. And then the rain came. And then the floor leaked. And then we knew our problem was not fixed. Back to square one, here we come! We are making plans to just build an ark instead so that whether rain or shine, we will be dry. And so will our house.

Potty Training 101 does not work 100% all the time. If it works on Child #1, it is not guaranteed to be successful with subsequent children in your family. It may have just been a coincidence that it worked even just once. Or, it may only work for a select handful of boys. Or, it may only work for one boy. Or, worst case scenario, it may not work at all. Just thought I would throw that disclaimer out there.


Lady Ruth Ann said...

Build Noah's Ark!! The children will love that. :) Did you already ask Noah for the blueprint?? ::grin::

Potty training...well, they say every child is different (whoever 'they' are). I hope you find a method that'll work...

patve said...

You haven't failed as badly as I did if they aren't trained by 4. Yes--even then, it wasn't my "training" them, I think they caught on inspite of me. Don't lose heart!