Friday, March 07, 2008

Post Number 5, Day Number 5

What an eye catching title, eh? Certainly not but it honestly says what this post is all about: 5 posts in 5 days.

My life is so uninteresting lately and has had so few blog moments in it. For instance, finding 15 pictures on my camera phone after Landon explored his photography skills with it while I was away from him for a few minutes is interesting but hardly worth blogging about. Neither is there anything worth mentioning about the morning I was nursing Alex and happened to see Janae open the hot oven door, shut it and then turn around and start digging in the knife drawer. Or how she grabbed a butcher knife because she wanted to snag a toy that was under the cupboard with it. And then having Alex perform his amazing Hoover Skills where he scoots and rolls and swims around on the floor and ingests any item that would normally be sucked into an electric vacuum. You can understand that we are saving on vacuum cleaner bags these days.

All of these details are perhaps unusual and maybe a little exciting but so unblogworthy. (is that a word?) So, I did some checking around for you this morning...

If the winter has you down and you are looking for something inspiring to do, MAKE THESE BROWNIES. You will be divinely inspired to quit any diet you are on and contemplate not starting the diet you were considering. These are worth the extra 5 or 10 lbs. you might put on and every time you see that extra roll on your hip you acquired after you consumed these brownies, you will once again savor that delicious brownie. Seriously. And this is coming from me: somebody who does not normally LIKE chocolate nor enjoys putting an extra roll on my hips.

For a lively discussion about the Quiverful Quest, check this link out. To expand your thoughts, browse this commenter's site as well. Never mind where I stand; these blogs are not mine and the writers have a right to say what they believe on their individual blogs. I'm not condoning or condemning either post; sometimes it's good to spur your perspective and provoke deep thoughts on issues that are controversial but NOT political for once, if you know what I mean.

And then there's the single girls that will probably not have a lot in common with the above link about babies and such. So, head on over here for a little insight from someone in your own shoes. You might find a kindredness in your camaraderie with the little gang of single girls there.

If you love tiny babies (and by tiny, I mean 1lb. 13oz.) and are needing to count your blessings today, hop on over here and read the journey of faith, trials and tears of this little family. They are hardly through this long battle but the joy and love that radiates in their lives is a real blessing. And is a great testimony to the miracle of life.

In order to do a little of my own thought provoking here, what version does everyone prefer for their own personal Bible devotions? Is it KJV for you? Or NIV? Or NAS? Or RSV? Or ICBV? Or NKJV? Or ASV? Or UVWXYZ???? Not to offend anyone but I have given up on the KJV for my own personal Bible time. I was tired of pretending that I knew what it was saying and realized that having a short time in my day for Bible reading was not conducive for deep thinking on matters that should be simple to understand. So, I set aside my beloved KJV for my personal Bible reading (I do love that version best for sound and the ancient lingual flare) but I had to make my Bible reading more productive. What about you? Comment anonymously if you feel the need to.

Oh, and about the brownies... they were such a good idea that Landon asked first me and then his dad, "Does God like brownies?" I think that should explain how heavenly that treat was.


Drowner Pro said...

I like your concluding paragraph! Landon must be very insightful and inquisitive!

Jean said...

It took me so long to read through much of the first place you linked to that I had to quit linking up and get back to your blog.

lajiemarie said...

haha, Court you are just too funny. :D I love you. ;) :D

Oh yes, and about the Bible versions... :D can you guess? I'm so strongly KJV only that it would knock your socks off if you only knew... :D ;) Anyhow, you are welcome to ask me about it sometime... I promise I own plenty of informative, factual and honest literature on the subject. Well, whatever the case, I am me and that's who I want to be. You need to be you and I like you that way. ;) Or in plain words, I'm not here to convert you to my side, but you did ask... :) ;)