Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Origin of Daylight Savings Time

In the Daylight Savings Time therapy program I am in, we learned the following details about DST.

Whoever invented Daylight Savings Time was obviously not a mom.

They always went to be early and got 8-10 hours of sleep.

They had a consistent schedule that could easily fall back or spring ahead twice a year.

They were never at a loss for sleep.

They had extra minutes in their day.

They needed a remedy to help them remember to change their smoke alarm batteries.

They liked change and sought after it.

They probably weren't married or had much of a social life.

They lead boring lives.

And (waxing political here), they were probably The Party I wouldn't endorse if I was into politics.

They had poor money managing skills because they used the reason that Daylight "Savings" Time would use less electricity which in turn would use less money which in turn would save money. Come to find out, it has cost 8 million dollars in some state for some length of time all because of DST. (I can't remember the state or how that figure was added up and to what time frame it is slotted between but still, 8 million dollars is not "extra cash" just laying around -- even if you are rich.)

As if this wasn't all bad enough, they projected their Idea on this fair land of ours and took away one right of freedom: one whole hour.

Now we have to work faster. Lose more sleep. Increase our pace in the American Rat Race of Life.

Can anyone tell me what we are saving through Daylight SAVINGS Time?


Lady Ruth Ann said...

Can anyone tell me what we are saving through Daylight SAVINGS Time?


I mean, really. We've had discussions at our house, because there are some of us who dislike DST as well. It just doesn't make any sense. I like what you said - they are taking away our freedom by taking an hour away from us. Then they make it worse by trying to trick us into thinking that they give us an hour back later. I don't think doesn't work that way!

Drowner Pro said...

So why not rebel, and never change your clocks?

Or move to Arizona; they use common sense, like yours, and don't adjust their clocks.

pat ve said...

When we lived in Ottumwa, IA, I would occasionally take an elderly sister to visit another one who was a shut-in. The shut-in refused to change her clocks "from God's time". I guess if she was shut-in, it probably didn't matter. She was a very joyful Christian. Her house was old and not in very good shape, and even when her pipes froze in the winter, she was rejoicing in the Lord. I think she actually thought that CST was "God's time". Are all your clocks in agreement now? Pat

Peter said...

ahh Court, you are so short sighted. Haven't you ever considered all the people who get work just because of DST changing? My brother's company worked for 3 months fixing all the issues DST created for its clients. That was work for 70+ people for 3 months!

Also, the farmers just love it too. They have to change their schedule an hour twice a year. It is wonderful to keep them on their toes, and is great to keep their cows healthy to change their schedule twice a year. And to top it all off, now 2 hours of the day when the dew hasn't fallen yet, falls during evening milking, while they get a 2 hour break after morning milking when they can't do some field work because the dew hasn't burnt off yet.

As a side note, evidently this DST came along after Ecclesiastes was written. I don't see changing your clocks anywhere in his list of things for which there is a time.

Anonymous said...

Ecclesiastes does say there is A Time for EVERYTHING under the sun.