Saturday, March 08, 2008

It's That Time Already?

Yup, be sure and change your clocks folks!

Does it go like this at your house? Year after year, this is our experience.

Or so I fear since it's always been this way.


pat ve said...

Sometimes we have to break out of the mold as to roles that aren't Biblically stated. In my home of origin, the guys packed the trunk and car or whatever for travel. I naturally expected that John would do that for our travels. Well, guess what, God seemed to give me the gift for organization and packing and after getting over my little tiff of a notion that he should do it, I found out that it was best for me to do it. We both felt much relieved.
His bedtime routine was, however, a mystery to me. Yes, the doors were checked, the burners or the stove (gas) checked, thermostat, and he would open the basement door and look down. The hot water heater is at the bottom of the stairs, but I never knew what that part of the process was for. He didn't look upstairs.
The clocks--we pretty well did them together. Some were too high for met to reach from standing. The batteries for the smoke detectors are changed on Jan.1. I always write the date on the battery. If there were a fire, it wouldn't be too helpful.
Well, have ye a nice extra hour this evening. See if it affects the kids. It sure does me. Pat

Anonymous said...

I'm one of your lurkers and I've just given you a blog award over on my blog! :) I love the stories about your kids...the one the other day "Definition of a Catastrophe" was absolutely hilarious!! Thanks for such a fun blog!

Lady Ruth Ann said...

First, I'm a lurker. And love your style of writing. Nice outlook on things. :)

you said: "Or so I fear since it's always been this way."

Not so. Not so.
Even though we're in different stations in life (I'm 20 & still at home) - I'm sure this will encourage you as well:
I read Oswald Chamber's "My Utmost for His Highest" and this quote is awesome, and untangles your above statement.

He says:
"Don't let the sense of failure corrupt your new action."

That gives me strength & vision to plow on and to not give up. In reality we limit God when we say "it'll always happen this way because it always has..."

So, I thought I'd share with you that piece of encouragement that has encouraged me! And hope it'll encourage you!

~ Ruth Ann

Jean said...

As usual you have put into words situations that most of us take as ordinary turn of events.

Just in case you think I am as organized as my youthful sister (P.V.E.) it is now Tues . afternoon and most of the clocks in this house that I might be remotely concerned with are still on winter time. The one on the kitchen wall that is hard for me to reach was changed by my dear husband - many thanks to him. The cuckoo clock which he usually takes care of hasn't even been wound for several days to say nothing about if it is set to the right time. I really put off changing all the digital clocks until I am totally frustrated with seeing the wrong time or in the case of the stove one need to use it to set the delayed oven start up.

Just think our ancestors probably went more by the sun than the clocks. Some other cultures don't seem to put much stock in using clocks either.

pat ve said...

Question? How do you set a sundial ahead or behind one hour? I know God turned one back for a prophet once. It was more than an hour.