Sunday, March 16, 2008

Questions and Comments Recycled

Is the pain Jean's younger sister (PVE) or the unchanged clocks?
It is entirely the unchanged clocks! Shame on you for considering otherwise!

I'm talking (so is Oswald Chambers) about the human mistakes we make, or wrong decisions, or even the good ones. Just because it always has happened that way, doesn't mean it always will. We have to trust God, pick up our feet and go to!
I see the intent of your encouraging quote and the sweet spirit in which you share it. I also remember in one of your other comments that you mentioned you are unmarried. The best advice I can give you for when you marry is to remember that, "What the good man does is always right!"

Your sister has a Canon EOS 5D 12.8 MegaPixel, Digital SLR with an EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS USM Telephoto Zoom Lens.... She wishes.
Reality is her camera is only a PowerShot A720 IS 6x optical zoom, 8.0 MegaPixels, purchased off of Amazon.

Thank you for your honesty. We hope you will find your heart's desire someday so you can quit coveting.

Oh yes, and about the Bible versions... :D can you guess? I'm so strongly KJV only that it would knock your socks off if you only knew... :D ;)
That was my first and only guess. :)

ahh Court, you are so short sighted.
Actually, the Opthamologist says I'm far sighted but since it's been a few (read like, 10) years since I was last tested, I should maybe go in for another exam. Especially after your abrupt diagnosis.

So why not rebel, and never change your clocks?
Because I like talking about a problem that I didn't create and pretend that I know how to fix it when I really don't. Like a politician does.

Or move to Arizona; they use common sense, like yours, and don't adjust their clocks.
I now see why a lot of elderly people move down there -- it's not the climate or the weather: it's the absence of DST! They wait until they're advanced in life to the point that they feel they must get everything in their life straightened out before it's too late. Including their time.

Haven't you ever considered all the people who get work just because of DST changing? My brother's company worked for 3 months fixing all the issues DST created for its clients. That was work for 70+ people for 3 months!
Thanks for helping me make my point: look at the money it cost the company. Knowing your brother, he could've easily made money doing something far more profitable anyway.

As a side note, evidently this DST came along after Ecclesiastes was written. I don't see changing your clocks anywhere in his list of things for which there is a time.
And that was quite a long list.

Ecclesiastes does say there is A Time for EVERYTHING under the sun.
But creating things that shouldn't be happening under the sun is not good. (read the account of creation in Genesis. The only thing close to DST that God created was the fact the He gave man freewill.)

I would occasionally take an elderly sister to visit another one who was a shut-in. The shut-in refused to change her clocks "from God's time". I think she actually thought that CST was "God's time".
We need more people like her today.

Are all your clocks in agreement now?
One word: not yet.

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Peter said...

Now Courtney, either you think you are going to try and pull a fast one on me, or your are showing your ignorance. Either way it didn't work. I haven't spent hours doing technical support in out local Eye Clinic without catching on to a bit about eyes. The opposite of "far-sighted" is "near-sighted", not "short-sighted". Although I was very flattered that you considered me intelligent enough to diagnose your eye condition from afar, without actually seeing you, I thought I'd better correct your misconception.

As far as a time for "Everything under the sun," I think it still proves my point that DST wasn't invented by the time of the "publishing" of Ecclesiastes, as it wasn't listed, but I suppose there is a "time" to change the time. (or at least now there is)