Sunday, October 30, 2005

Just Like Clockwork

Countless times I've heard people ask me recently, "have you changed your clocks... did you set your clocks back?" Countless times I've lied and said, "Yes," when in reality, not one clock in our house has changed. Thankfully, the computer clocks automatically set themselves back or ahead so at least we have some accurate reference of time. I guess I'm not lying 100%.

Instead of saying 'no' and then having to explain the whole ordeal, I just say 'yes' because I do know that all I have to do is look at the time and subtract one hour from it and then I end up with the right time. So, at least I'm in the same time zone as the rest of my neighbors even though our clocks are set different from theirs.

The story goes like this... twice a year, my husband and I go through the whole authority/submission thing. You see, I'm being submissive by allowing his authority in deciding when, how, who, where and what clocks get changed. The only problem is, he's not exerting his authority. Of course, you can't be submissive to your leader by telling him what to do so it's kind of hard to submit to something that isn't happening.

This happens every time a battery dies in one of our clocks too. Time stands still in certain rooms of our house periodically.

Finally one time, I broke down and explained to Toby that the dad always changes the clocks; the mom just looks at what time it is. That's all she has to do with clocks. I suppose she can dust them off once in awhile or hang them on a different wall but the whole manual side of the clocks, is totally controlled by the dad.

He told me that where he comes from, the mom does the clockwork.

In that same conversation, I wisely explained to him that the dad also locks the doors at night (his way of exerting protection over his family and house) and sets the thermostat just right before bed. (his way of showing his tenderness and care for his family's comfort and wellbeing.)

He just nodded his head, grabbed his book and headed to bed, asking me over his shoulder if I locked the back door.

It gets confusing after awhile though because sometimes I'll just break down and decide to change a clock. Then I'll forget what clock was changed and what clocks are still on the old time and so then I forget if I'm supposed to add, subtract or just accept the time.

When I ask Toby why he doesn't change the clocks, he says that in 6 months, he's just going to have to change them again: what's the use. I say, what's the use washing your laundry today when you're just going to get it dirty tomorrow? I mean, his theory is easy to argue with.

Well, I just noticed the time and realized I need to scramble in order to get my baby down for her nap in time for a nice long snooze before church tonight. Wait... I think I have the wrong time... yeah, I still have an extra hour yet.

Okay, I think I need to have another talk with my husband or else just change the clocks. Just like clockwork, we have the same discussion every time. And we draw the same open ended, unanswered, conclusions too. Sigh.


BrittLeigh said...

What to do? I just don't know what to tell ya, dear. I just do all the clocks in my care... I don't have a honey to argue about it with.
Oops. Now that I think of it, I'm lying too(NO! I DON'T have a honey--get that out of the way here!)... I still haven't done my clocks yet either. I should get going... My evening's really getting away from me. I realized today how fast time is really flying. I'm in the kitchen and the clock says 1:00. Then I go into my bedroom, and in no time at all it's after 2! What happened??? Sigh.
BTW, the dads where I'm from do all the clocks but the daughter's clock.

Orlando said...

ahem...if the daughters wouldn't hide their clocks behind false walls maybe the dads could get to 'em...

Coeur d'Court said...

Men always have a good reason why they can't/couldn't/shouldn't/wouldn't do something.

A false wall would make it hard to find a clock though. You could just ask.;)

BrittLeigh said...

beg pardon? I've ALWAYS done my own clocks, and Hannah does hers too... So I still say that the dads where I'm from change all the clocks but the daughters' clocks.


Anonymous said...

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