Friday, June 01, 2007


I've packed and repacked the diaper bag twice. I returned the first diaper bag and bought the second one. If the baby doesn't come soon, we may start on a third diaper bag.

I've bought one bag of diapers, opened it and set them out, ready to use. Then, I went to another store and purchased another bag. If the baby doesn't come soon, I might need to get another bag of diapers.

I've counted, washed and folded all my receiving blankets. I've recounted the blankets, re stacked them and went to the store and bought 2 more. If the baby doesn't come soon, I might need to get more blankets.

I've bought baby soap and set it in the bathroom, arranging it more than once on a variety of shelves. I happened to find another bar of soap in a hidden bin and put that soap in an easily accessible location as well. If the baby doesn't come soon, I may have to try that soap out on a different shelf.

I've set up the changing table 4 times. At least 4 times. If the baby doesn't come soon, I might set it up again a different way.

I've washed and folded my hospital clothes, arranging them fashionably on the baby's bed. A few days later, I subtracted a few items and added a couple others. If the baby doesn't come soon, I might end up with a whole different hospital wardrobe.

Nesting. It's not just for the birds.


Anonymous said...

You are so funny :) If the baby doesn't come for a while, maybe you can keep entertaining us with your stories and observations! Love it...but then I am not the one on that side of it! Or here is another idea...get on IM once in a while so I can chat with you!

Coeur d'Court said...

LOL Joy. :) Since I have a whole new computer and set up since we moved, my MSN got disconnected. I'd totally have to reinstall all that stuff again and I'm not sure how to do that again. I had a lot of problems with MSN installing last time that I felt lucky everytime I was allowed to chat. I wasn't looking forward to messing with that again so that's why you haven't seen me there lately.

I'm glad you're entertained by my pregnancy... makes me feel like it's worth it to go through these aches and pains. LOL. I hope to be entertained by the baby when he comes and I'm hoping that's SOON! (incase you couldn't tell by the tone in my recent blog posts.) :)

Happymama said...

LOL, It's coming! Soooooon.....