Friday, June 08, 2007

Posterior, Anterior, Gemme Owda Here

I've heard it all...

Sleep on left side.

Don't squat.

Lay flat and bring knees to chest.

Crawl on hands and knees for half hour or so.

Scrub kitchen floor.

No reclining.

Lie in bed on left side, almost laying on stomach with pillow between knees.

Talk to baby.

Visualize baby moving to Anterior position. (!)


Don't cross your legs.

Keep pelvis open to encourage Baby's head to engage.

Go to the chiropractor.

Nothing is guaranteed though.

All this to prevent back labor... yes, my darling bouncing baby boy is posterior. And that's the reason our baby's stop and go labor has prolonged this pregnancy. He's just not in the right position.

Even though I'm not in full blown back labor, a simple relaxing time in bed can be excruciatingly painful. But since the recliner is off limits now too, the only place left to sleep is standing up.

It feels like someone is playing Duplo blocks with my spine. And then when he gets done doing that, he attempts to kick the tower over a time or too and then bobs his head around, pushing into places that just might give if he pushes harder. So he pushes harder.

But nothing gives. Except for nerves shooting pain like a firework.

They say to keep the pelvis open and unconfined so I propped three plush pillows between my knees last night. It felt like I was doing splits laying down. That didn't help either.

The midwife explained it as being "bone on bone." The baby's back is against my back. Every move he makes irritates my spinal nerves. In other words, this is getting on my nerves.

This all may sound like quite the malady (which I really think it is) but, I COULD go into labor with him in this position and everything COULD be fine -- back labor may not even happen. It's so weird how mysterious and unknown the end of pregnancy is.

Since I have a history of back labor (with Landon's delivery), my midwife is concerned this will be an issue this time as well. Janae didn't cause any back labor. Maybe your boys will just be this way, was her comment to me last night. But, it's interesting because Landon was always in the perfect position for labor until I actually went into labor. Then he turned posterior and I endured an entire labor all in my back.

So, like I said earlier, nothing is guaranteed.

The only thing for sure is that eventually this baby will come, one way or another. I just hope it's soon AND easy.

Yeah right! :)


Cheri said...

Praying for you, Courtney! ::hug::

Hannah L. said...

You are in my thoughts and prayers!
Love you,Hannah

Happymama said...

Courtney, I do hope your labor isn't too terribly difficult. Praying things go quickly!


Angel said...

Court, it's so wonderful to hear how your pregnancy is going. Sounds like you have a very active and healthy addition to your family.
Hang in there he'll be here real soon.

from OPO