Saturday, June 23, 2007

Warning: Girly Post

Actually, this is probably more of a "motherly" post considering the topic on my mind effects mothers more than it effects the general population of girls. And, considering the obvious fact that any girl that has become a mother, has 9.99 times out of 10 dealt with this topic, I'm confident to say I'm not alone.

But, to you people that are neither girls or mothers, this post may not be quite up your alley. So, just thought I'd warn you ahead of time.

Introduction aside, I knew something wasn't right when I had a better than text book labor, extraordinarily wonderful birth and then ended up with the cutest baby boy in the world. Wouldn't you know that fate caught up with me and landed me a pretty nasty catch.

101.8 fever. Chills. Pounding headache. Horrible aches. Awful pain in chest.

Do the math. Yes, I have a breast infection.

Not sure how I got started down this road, other than I think I made a wrong turn when I quit nursing and began pumping exclusively. The reason I did that was because of sores and a baby that wouldn't latch on right. And when I started pumping, I got the bright idea that if I pumped less often, my milk supply would even out to what my one single baby actually needed and would quit producing the amount normally needed for triplets.

It all was working out really good until the infection set in. Now I'm on antibiotics and violating every rule of thumb I normally follow when I'm nursing a baby.

In the meantime, I still am enjoying my darling baby boy to the hilt and loving every minute I get to cuddle and kiss him. He's a perfect baby and seems to adjust well to each change that comes his way. And that's a good thing considering all the adjustments he's had recently.

Hopefully within the next week, I'll be getting back on my feet again and settled back into a more pleasant routine of recovery. I was determined after I had Alex that there would be no medical set backs this time, no out-of-the-ordinary experiences and no emergency runs to the doctor. After Landon's birth, I had severe gall bladder problems and after Janae's birth, she spiked a fever for no reason and we rushed her to the ER. Plus, she had major nursing problems and would seriously choke several times during a feeding. There were always surprises after their births and I was taking the precautions necessary to avoid those set backs this time.

But, wouldn't you know it... I got a whole new set of circumstances just to prove that verse in Proverbs: Man makes his plans but the Lord directs his steps.

Looking forward to better days!


mother of 3 boys said...

I know you don't know me but I found your blog through the Wissmans and wanted to tell you I understand--I have had three boys and quick births with each one and I would say by far that the nursing has been the most difficult part. With my first I got through it by pumping quite a bit the first month. Then slowly switched to nursing completely. But I have always been terribly sore, to the point where I would cry while they were nursing. I am not sure if you have this but my doctor had me use "nursing cups" with this last one and they were wonderful. Some aspects of them are annoying--but they really helped me heal faster and it was the first time that I never was engorged after a baby. And my mom always told me to use the lanolen then use a hot lamp and that would also really help in healing. It seems no one talks about the part after the birth--the nursing and healing. Everyone talks about the horrors of labor--and that part was always the easier part to me. (-: Hope things get a little better soon. I will pray for you.

Anonymous said...

Hope you are feeling better soon. Would have loved to take a share of some of that abundance "enough for triplets" when I had Jayna....I never had enough for one. Guess there are extremes both ways! Hope that sweet baby is doing well too!