Thursday, May 31, 2007

Today Would Be Perfect

With Landon's birthday in March,

Janae's birthday in April,

Toby's birthday in June,

and mine in July,

our family would be perfect if this baby came in May.

And then I look at the clock, observe the calander and realize that it's now 24 hours and counting before the month of May has expired.

Boy, do I need those contractions now.

The best labor advice I've read so far was "let your dog out... the morning my baby was born, I let the dog out, heard a pop and later that day went in labor."

Yes. It must've been the dog for sure.

I'm so desperate though, I think I will let the dog out in the morning. For that matter, I should let all the neighbor dogs out. Maybe that would work even faster.

Then, I'll eat spicy buffalo wings for breakfast, have a snack of eggplant parmesan later in the morning, take a brisk 3 mile walk before lunch, wash my dinner down with castor oil and spend the afternoon relaxing on a Yoga ball.

Any other tips?


Anonymous said...

Come let my dog out too....the plane ride might help your cause!!!

Happymama said...

Hubby is the odd ball in our faily. Harrison's birthday is April, Hannah's is May, Justin's is June, and mine is July. Bruce decided to wait 'til December to be born. Thankfully, you can pretty much rest assure your baby will not wait that long. HA!


Coeur d'Court said...

If it takes until December, I'll get a plane ticket and fly to AZ to let Joy's dog out. :)