Saturday, June 02, 2007

Quote Of The Day

The last thing the midwife said to me before she walked out of the room at my latest appointment was:

"Remember, babies are easier to take care of on the inside than they are on the outside."

I well remember the truth of that statement considering I've had a new baby twice. But still, I want this third baby to be born soon.

So, I'm using reverse psychology on myself. Since I want this baby so bad and all I have is "false" labor, I decided that I just want to stay pregnant really, really bad. That way, my body will kick into the "Oh, let's make sure she doesn't get what she wants" mode and voila! I can go into real labor.

And since babies ARE easier to take care of on the inside, I'll set my mind to concentrate on the truth of what the midwife said. I agree entirely with her: THEY ARE EASIER INSIDE.

Now you can hear me chanting mantras of, "Please dear baby, stay right where you are, so cute and snugly but I never have to wonder if you're diaper is wet or if you need to eat."

But don't tell... I still really want that baby on the outside now.

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