Friday, June 15, 2007

Labor Log 4

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39 weeks and 2 days. Oh, it's midnight now, make that 39 weeks and 3 days. Either way, we're ready.

Right now, the Castor oil has a very distinct effect but over all, it's not been bad at all. The blend of 2 TBLS. Castor oil to a small amount of root beer (enough to mix in but no more than the equivalent of one fast swallow. And I mean ONE fast swallow), was a much better elixir than the usual orange juice prescribed with the Castor oil.

From now on, I will recommend root beer instead of orange juice to my friends and neighbors.

It's been two hours since my first dose. A few contractions but nothing really bothersome yet. The contractions aren't "supposed" to start until later this night (early morning) so I'm not looking for them yet.

Between the last two doses, I showered, wrote in the baby book, gave Britt her birthday gifts and card and barked out a request for a quick load of laundry washed. Toby is in bed reading, waiting and worrying.

I should get off here and try to sleep if I can.

Updates should follow but there is no guarantee as to what and when. Labor is a very mysterious thing. Unpredictable too.

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