Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Somebody Has A Birthday Today

He's the last person I see at the end of the day and he owns the first smile that greets me in the morning.

He's the guy who insists on keeping a large clumsy weather radio on our quaint little bed stand.

He's the person who crowds my side of the bed on the nights I'm not crowding his.

He's the man who comes home at the end of a hard work day and no matter how dirty his face may be, I know that no amount of dirt will ever allow me to not want to kiss him.

He works endlessly for our family.

He tries his hardest even at the easiest things in life.

He keeps the business running, bearing the responsibility of the income of 3 young families and one aspiring young man.

He can't take a vacation without a care in the world.

He has written notes on probably every page of his Bible.

He is his little boy's favorite person.

He takes time to go the park even on busy nights.

He remembers his mom not just on Mother's Day.

He worries way too much but it shows how much he cares about people and important things.

He is not afraid to do the right thing even if he's the only one doing it.

He is the first and only man to tell me that he loved me.

He is the man I married.

And he is entering the 33rd year of his life today.

I love you Toby and hope your day is a special one!


Hannah said...

Happy Birthday Toby!

gandelr said...

Just think in 40 more years you will be OLD

Peter Pillman said...

Pass on my Birthday Greetings to Toby!