Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Kid Klips

A New Form Of Patience
"Mom, can you get my train tracks down?" Landon asked me one morning.

I promised him we would get them down after breakfast.

"Mom, can you get my train tracks down now?" he asked the second he finished his food.

I assured him that we would get them in just a few minutes.

"Mom, can you get my train tracks down now?" he asked a few seconds later.

I reminded him to wait, we would get the tracks as soon as everyone was done with breakfast.

"Can you get the tracks down in a few seconds?" he asked about 30 seconds later.

"Landon, you need to be patient and then mommy will get the tracks down," Toby admonished Landon.

About 2 seconds later, Landon said, "I'm being patient now, can you get the tracks down?"

At Least He's Polite
One evening, Landon was being cute and funny and I just had to give him a kiss.

"Landon, do you need a kiss?" I asked him.

He shyly and quietly responded with a note of condescension, "Huh! NO!" and then quickly rephrased it, "no thank you."

Unreliable Source Of Information
While engaged in a friendly chat with a lady from Church, Landon had a tight hold of Janae's hand. Suddenly, he turned the conversation to details about his little sister... how she had cut her hair this week, where the hair was cut, what it looked like now, etc.

Then he noticed her ringworm spot and had to point that out,

"And here," he pointed out, "Jea got hit by a car."

Breaking The Ice
Approaching a very quiet, shy and rather reserved young mom from Church, Landon let her in on some details about the lady's own sister-in-law who is pregnant.

"Darla has a baby," he told her, "She has a baby in her big belly."


BrittLeigh said...

Those are sooooooo funny!!!! Oh man, can't wait to see my little man..... SOON!!! (Did his timer go off yet?? :))

Melissa said...

Heehee...reminds me of when I was a nanny and about six months pregnant, and the 6-year-old I was watching asked me, "Is that a fat shirt you're wearing?"

Lizzie said...

Hello friend! Just stopping by to say that I hope you and Britt have a MARVELOUS summer together. I shall be praying that all goes well as you welcome your precious little baby into the world. :)

And...my apologies for not posting ANYTHING in almost forever!! I guess I should just make it a priority, huh? *wink* I love you much, and think of you oh-so-often. (((hugs)))