Sunday, April 01, 2007

Procrastinated Blog

I feel bad my posting schedule has been so scarce lately. I just haven't had much to blog about and not only that but there's been other distractions that seem to take priority over my computer.

We've had sickness again but everyone is on the mend. I stayed home from Church today with Landon because his cough is still pretty thick. He sounds worse than he is though. Even I got this bug so there was another reason why I wasn't blogging.

This past week was very busy. I had routine pregnancy blood work that left me exhausted, thanks to the Rhogam shot. For those of you that are blessed to not know what this is, I have negative blood and have to be inoculated with each pregnancy in order to protect the currant baby as well as any future children.

The real culprit of my writers block is the fact that my iron is way too low. Thus the brain fog, fatigue, endless sleeping, never feeling rested way of life I've been living the past couple weeks. Now that I know my problem, I'm pumping iron and working on fixing it but it takes a good week or two to see improvement.

I was so glad to know my iron was that low. FINALLY, something can fix my problem! I kept mulling through my days wondering how in the world I'd ever be able to handle 3 children when I couldn't even take care of my 2. What is wrong with me? I'd shake my head and ask myself. It may sound strange but I was so glad my iron numbers were really low.

So, now that my energy is starting to climb, I'm tackling major procrastinated projects everyday. Plus, we have another birthday coming up this week and with the nice weather we've been having almost every day, our normal days our filled with extra activity. I love spring time with little ones around!

The other day was a good energy booster. I was feeling my normal, tired self by mid-morning but knew I couldn't take a nap for several hours. So, I contemplated my predicament and out of the blue, a horrible vision filled my mind of our extremely dirty van. And suddenly, I had to do something about that van.

I polished the kids up, donned them with shoes and sandals and grabbed a selection of cleaning supplies before marching to the van. The kids were surprised when I told them they could sit in the front seat. Even though the ride from the driveway to the front of the house was only about 30 seconds long, they were spellbound and speechless. That put a very good start on the big project... there's nothing like happy, content, impressed kids!

So, I scrubbed and cleaned and collected trash for the next hour or so and then went inside to retrieve my laundry money.

Did I tell anyone yet about my new job? Yes, I'm a laundry lady. I get paid well too.

Let me explain...

After several loads of laundry coming out of my washer and dryer accompanied with loud clanging sounds of coins, I decided that since I was the one that had to pick those coins up, than I could certainly use the "finders keepers" rule. I began to collect these coins in a cute little piggy bank on the top of the washer. If someone happened to mention that they were missing a whole handful of change, I'd direct them to my bank. But that never happened so I continued to add interest to my growing investment.

The day I cleaned the van, I knew my paycheck held enough quarters to efficiently vacuum and shampoo the carpet in the van. Sure enough, I had over $4 worth of quarters.

I dropped the large handful of change in my pocket before heading to the van and locking my kids in their seats. Then we headed to the car wash and finished up the beautifying of our dirty vehicle.

Having that huge project over with, I was ready to tackle other spring cleaning projects. Landon stayed up from his nap that day to help me and he was a really big "helper boy," as we fondly call him. He did laundry with me, hauled heavy baskets of rugs across the yard, cleaned up the living room, vacuumed and just was my right hand man. I was very impressed with his work ability.

That night Toby treated us to a nice supper and I didn't have to make a meal. A good thing when you just spent all day cleaning your kitchen. :)

With this delightful day under my belt (actually, I can't wear a belt right now so take that as a figure of speech), I am rejuvenated and re inspired to get big projects done. My sewing machine has been whirring, the wash machine has been dumping out clean bedding and even the guinea pig's cage is staying fresh and clean. And that's saying a lot for a pig.

And I even got this blog done. With that, I'll leave you to wonder when I'll post next and I hope right along with you that it won't be too long from now.

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Good job on everything!