Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Kid Klips

Exactly My Point
While shopping one day, Landon informed me that we needed a dog.

"What would we ever do with a dog?" I asked him.

"Feed it," he said.

What's With Drury Lane Anyway?
Landon was singing "Oh Do You Know The Muffin Man" in the car seat one evening and his ending was kinda cute... "that lives on the berry lane."

"Where is the berry lane?" I asked him.

He responded, "In Haiti." And then belted back into the song.

I Guess We're Keepers
"I like my mom and dad," I heard Landon say while we were all driving together one evening.

"Well, that's good," I adoringly say to him.

But then he said, "Who they are?" (don't you just love that English?!)

Surprised by his lack of wisdom in this area I asked, "Don't you know who you're mom and dad are?"

And then he relieves me as he refers to both Toby and I and says, "Are you my mom and dad?"

I Asked For Humility And God Gave Me Kids
Changing carts one day in Sam's club, Landon asked me why we had to get a new cart.

"Because your seat is broke and it'll make your butt sore," I frankly inform him.

"My butt?" he says, way too loud.

"SHHHHHH! Landon... don't say that so loud!" he was quickly admonished by his embarrassed mother.

"Why can't I say 'my butt' loud?" he says in a tone hardly any quieter.

On Moms And Tools
For some reason, Landon thinks that a contractor's level and a ladder are two similar things. He insists on using a 4' foot level as a ladder and will lean it against the wall, secure it carefully and then climb up it.

One day I was trying to show him how to actually use the level. You know, show him how the "bubble" worked. He seemed impressed, tried it a few times and then leaned the level carefully against the wall and reached way up to where the level met the wall and balanced a screw driver there.

"Go out, Mom," he suddenly ordered me.

"Landon," I say in a reproving tone of voice and not impressed with his rude request, "why do you want Mommy to go out?"

He points up at the screw driver perched above his head and says, "I need to work up there," fully indicating the level was still a ladder.


BrittLeigh said...

hahaha, he's such a crack-up!!! :D

Did I tell you that yesterday afternoon when I was talking to him (after coming in from working in an extremely windy and dusty garden) I told him I sure was dirty.

"Who's going to wash you up, Beemoo?" He asked, perplexed. :D

Everything that comes out of his mouth is book-worthy :D

Peter Pillman said...

Hey Court, I think Landon is right on track, of course you need a dog! It is such an important part of a child's training to learn how to treat a dog and to become comfortable around one... and I think I know just the place to get one!(or about 6 for that matter1)

Little kids sure have unique ways of putting things. It is fun for us to laugh at them now, but the poor guy will have ALL of his on record now to be embarrassed by all of his life! :-)