Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Kid Klips

So That's What He Thinks
Landon told me one night that we should go for a bike ride the next day. I told him that we didn't have enough bikes to do that but maybe if its not raining, we could go for a walk in the stroller.

"The funny stroller?" he asked.

"What's the "funny" stroller?" I returned.

"The stroller on the porch swing (front porch)," he said and then I knew he was referring to our double jogging stroller.

A New Twist To Fruitcake
Upon seeing his Dad arrive home from work, Landon shouted as he ran to the door, "There's Daddy Roofcake!"

Where The Rain Goes
When Landon looked outside at the end of a very rainy day, he noticed that it had finally quit raining. Apparently he took my, "when the sun comes out you can go outside" too far and assumed the rain was quenched by the sun... which I suppose it is to some extent but not quite like this.

"HA! The sun got it!" he shouted, while observing the rainless view.

Wonder If These Work
I came upon Landon taping his eye closed with scotch tape one day.

"Landon, what are you doing?" I asked him.

"Putting my contacts on," he stated matter-of-factly.

Bad George
While retucking Landon in one day during nap time, I replaced Curious George up on Landon's bed. I was surprised to find the monkey discarded on the floor.

"No Mom... Curious George was naughty," Landon informed me, "he can't sleep up here."

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BrittLeigh said...

Oh man, I LOVED that :D Landon gets me giggling worse than anybody else ;) I miss, miss, miss, MISS him!!!! :'( Not to mention his sis, "Alice", his mommy and even his daddy-fruitcake's annoying teasing (I'm sure it won't take me long to regret the latter part of that statement :| )

It's hard to be a long-distance aunt.