Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Cranky Bug

Sunday was only a short reprieve. Fevers, bad coughs and colds returned by Sunday evening. Weird virus. Watch out if you get it: it has a deceiving end.

The worst symptom of this virus is not the low grade fevers or the constant dripping noses. Rather, it's the overwhelming crabbiness and emotionalism in the person inflicted by the fever.

I have never given Tylenol for a low grade fever before but when it's accompanied with this level of crankiness, the meds seem to quickly relieve unhappy faces. Seriously, when it comes to meds, I am a stickler in letting the fever burn itself out as long as it's not above 104. (My kids seem to quickly spike to 105 so I usually try to keep on top of it when it gets to that height.) But, with the crying and fussing that continued eternally through out the day, I was ready to try anything. And Tylenol worked better than running away would've. (I can't run very fast or far right now).

So, if you have the occasion to come in contact with this bug, remember two things:
  1. the virus likes to play around when it comes to leaving and will tease you for several days about when it's departure date is.
  2. it should be adequately referred to as The Cranky Bug.

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