Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Man I Thought I Knew

When a man gets married, he is relieved to give up many tasks to his new, lovely bride. And that bride is so happy to take on these new tasks.

Those tasks include:
  • restocking clothing when it is worn (she buys his socks, underwear, t-shirts, patches his pants, sews buttons back on to Sunday shirts, keeps track of his belt, finds good bargains for shoes and other out-door wear, keeps his dresser stocked with in-season clothing, etc.)
  • washes and dries and folds and puts away ALL his laundry.
  • irons his church clothes.
  • makes his bed every day.
  • packs his lunch for work.
  • makes his meals.
  • cares for his children.
  • cleans his house.
  • mows his yard sometimes.
  • cleans his vehicles.
  • scratches his back.
  • finds his lost book.
  • keeps track of his wallet.
  • gives gifts to all his relatives.
  • keeps inventory on his hygiene care... deodorant, toothbrushes, shaving equipment, soap, shower gel, shampoo, etc.
  • cuts his hair.
  • and the list goes on.

Overall, she cares how he looks. Her concern is for his well being, his health, his image, his cleanliness. She takes pride in his personal upkeep. She helps him and enjoys every minute of it.

And when it's time to pick out new glasses for the next two years, she embraces that challenge and makes it a very important priority and spends her own personal time considering the best style, frame, size and nose bridge.

Until he goes to Walmart by himself to purchase the week's groceries and she finds out later he got his glasses picked out so that item on his to-do list could be considered taken care of.

If only he knew that this project wasn't just a thing to cross off HER list: this was a matter of important priority and one she was putting valuable thinking time towards.

Apparently even after four years of marriage, he's still getting to know her and... vice versa. There's nothing so sweet as being in the "newly weds" category even after this many years and children. But still, those glasses better be classy.


Jean said...

It seems as if the new glasses are yet to be seen by the "new bride" of four plus years. Hopefully they will turn out to be very suitable if not quite your choice of style. My Good husband picks his won glasses about once in 5 or 8 years usually not very up to date either ( privelage of a Grandpa).

I noticed that hunting for mislaid glasses is not a frequent event on your list - I suppose Toby wears his all his waking hours.

I still lurk around - A. Jean (I just about didn't sign this beause I am a blogger now)

Coeur d'Court said...

Jean... Yes, I knew it was you. :) I found your blog earlier today while visiting Val's blog. Welcome to the world of blogging!

Sometimes I do find his glasses but usually the glasses are worn all the time, except for sleeping of course. A few times Toby has looked for them while wearing them but that doesn't happen too often.

And yes, I have yet to see the new glasses. :)

Anonymous said...


We had this same situation happen. I don't know what I was thinking?... But Dave insisted that he could pick out his glasses. Then he told me, while we were waiting for the glasses to be made, that the gal in the stire assured him they looked good. I knew it was a mistake when he got home. I even called the optometrist and asked (begged) if we could please change them. He said no. I said, "But I *really* don't like them!" No help from some brutal honesty. So, we just have to keep them. But I did find myself very happy the other night when Dave almost sat on them! ;)
- Desiree