Thursday, April 05, 2007

Happy Birthday Janae!

When I was pregnant with Landon, my family thought for sure "it" was a girl. So, they dreamed accordingly. My younger siblings found a picture of a small girl in a magazine that just looked like "a Courtney child" so they cut her out and mailed her to me.
"This is what your little girl will look like," they told me.

She was very cute. Long, thick, brown hair framed her round chubby cheeks with the accenting little button nose. The perfect picture of cuteness and girliness.

But then, the "it" became a boy and soon Landon arrived.

Where was that cute little girl? I stashed the magazine cut-out away and saved it.

13 months later, Janae made a daring dash into our little family. She's always been close behind Landon in everything he does so it's no surprise her entrance into this world was so close behind his.

Topped off with a dark head of thick brown hair and adorned with a darling button nose, her chubby cheeks were perfect for kissing. She was the perfect picture of cuteness and girliness.

Now, I don't look at the magazine picture and long for that little girl; I simply pull out my camera and chase down the busy little thing that I call my very own girl. The resemblence between the two is quite profound.

Or, I skip the whole picture and just look at her and marvel that the very girl I always hoped I'd have someday, is the very one I got.

Happy Birthday to my 2 year old little girl!


Anonymous said...

aww, Happy Birthday sweetie!

Acts 2:17-18 said...

Wow, she looks just like you did. I actually thought it was your picture. I am so surprised.

She is the best!!!!!! Her gramma relly loves and misses her horribly!!!