Sunday, November 11, 2007

5 Years Ago Today...

A courtship began.

He was single; I was single.

He wanted a wife; I wanted a husband.

He "risked, reckoned and rested his faith" by asking my dad. (an excerpted quote from the letter itself.)

I rested in the risk he took to reckon his faith.

We began a week of emailing 6-8 pages a piece a day. Never talking on the phone until our relationship was several days deep. Every discussion was documented in those emails.

Okay, it was such an intense beginning, it caused us to get married a mere 3 months later.

He never told me once that he loved me... until he asked me to be his wife. I loved this part about him. And I'll never forget the first time he said, "I do love you." It was immediately followed with, "Will you be my wife?"

Do courtships like ours ever end? After 3 kids, 4 houses, 4 vehicles, 5 year's time of trial and error, I don't think so. We only love each other deeper.

5 years ago today, we fell in love for the first time, ever. And we stayed that way.

Happily Ever After is nice.


Ron and Ginny said...

Amen, sister! :-D

BrittLeigh said...

Ah nice. I'm glad happily ever after happens for some... :)

Rachel said...

Ah, Britt -- Is it ever too late to live happily ever after?! ;) God is writing your love story, too!

Beautiful, Courtney, beautiful!!

BrittLeigh said...

Yes, Rachel, you're right ;)... I'm also glad it's possible to still be happy before the "ever after" part. :)

Pat VE said...

Nov. 9, 1970, after going with John from the end of May--seeing each other roughly once a week (we lived 50 miles apart) he told me, I love you for the first time, and after I reciprocated affirmativey, he asked if would marry him. That was a special day. It has been over 36 years and our love just grows even through the throes of ESRD. The Lord has blessed our lives together. With 3 living children and their godly spouses and 11 plus grandchildren. God is good. Congratulations to both of you and keep your eyes on the Lord.

Jean said...

May the Lord help you to always love one another - come what may.

Commitment doesn't seem to be a binding thng any more in many relationships and it is so sad.