Friday, November 30, 2007

Can You Hear Me Now?

Thanksgiving is over. Traveling is done. About 1400 miles on the road proved to be safe once again. And I am glad. God is good.

After arriving home safe and sound, we were hit from within. We got sick. Or, at least I did.

I am nursing a bad cold and cough that has paid me with a hefty dose of laryngitis. Or something like that. I cannot speak. I cannot speak sweet nothings to my hubby. I cannot speak babytalk to my baby. I cannot speak Toddler. I cannot even speak English. I call the homes of my family and my husband's family and all the kids want to get on the phone and hear me talk. Or make noise. Or whatever it is my voice is doing. They ask if I'm tired or sick or something. Or if my voice hurts. Or if I just got out of bed.

Actually, I feel almost fine. Except for a slight lingering cough. Oh, and for one other thing: no body hears me. My voice is so pathetic.

I tell my son to not touch the computer after I catch him chewing on it. He flips the "online" button to off.

I tell my daughter not to touch the cereal one more time. She takes the container and spills it all through the house, ending finally in her brother's room. I can't count how many times I've vacuumed Frosted Flakes in the last week.

I tell the baby when he's crying that everything is fine. He only cries louder.

I tell the dog to come. She runs the other way.

I tell my husband the garbage is full and would he please take it out. The garbage sits for another day in the corner of the kitchen.

And then I come to my computer to turn it on. And does that listen to me? Nope. Nothing. Zilch. Won't flicker. Won't do anything. So then you can't hear me either.

So what do I do? I get up and pick up cereal. Or hold a fussing baby. Or take the garbage out.

And then when I get really desperate, I smack the computer, punch the "power" button and the light flickers. Wow. Who knew that was a proven technical support method? Thanks to the good friend who told me to do that. (You know who you are.)

My computer is back! I can write again! I can speak without my voice! Finally, someone listens!


Pat VE said...

So good to see you back on your blog. I read where you had a cold, but is it opportune to get laryngitis? I don't think there is a verse about it being "more blessed to listen than to talk" but one wonders about such handicaps. I hope you get your voice back soon. You'll need it sooner than later. Have a great weekend. Pat

Jean said...

Interesting post. Too bad the children can't read yet but may be a little sign language would help you communicate with them. I think that you have the right idea about cuddling the baby as a communication technique to settle him down. What about trying the cuddling on the hubby and then he might pay attention to any note you write for him.
We handle our nearly deaf dog by touching her to get her to follow us or take notice, etc.

Now I suspect that foot stomping is not one of your methods being such a refined calm Mother but it might just work to get some attention when a good shout isn't coming out of the throat.

Hope that "Larry Gitus" will find a new home far from yours to settle in soon.

As ever, A. Jean

Ron and Ginny said...

ummm did you say something?

LOL! I just crack myself UP!


Glad you're back and all is well (almost). :-D

Jessica said...

LOL Courtney,
And Justo said to tell you that your hard dive must be going so you may want to make sure you back things up
Praying you are feeling better.