Sunday, November 11, 2007

This Is The Way We Go To Church

So, my husband is the Sunday School Superintendent at our church. That means that every Sunday, he opens the service (after 2 songs) with a devotional that correlates with the day's lesson. So what. It's really no big deal. Except for one thing: we have to be about 15 minutes early. Yes, early. Every Sunday. Not just when early might happen, but every Sunday.

Did you get that yet? Early every Sunday. Not on time. Early.

Okay, I think you understand that I said early.

So, we left this morning to get to Church early. We had done an impressionable amount of preparation before Church since we were planning on having company for dinner. We even had the table set and everything. All was ready. And we were still early. We were half way there when suddenly, my husband moaned and gasped and sighed and slammed on the brakes all at the same time as he swerved on to the shoulder...

"I FORGOT MY BIBLE!" he groaned.

We turned around and went home, passing several fellow church members heading to church themselves. Wonder what they're doing? I'm sure was heard in every vehicle we passed.

So, we get home and we get the Bible and we leave for Church again. The kids were counted for, the diaper bag was counted for and the Bible was along this time.

We made it to Church. Toby and Landon ran into the building while I unfastened Janae and Alex. We were still early so everything had turned out fine. Technically, this should be the end of the story, right? Well, it's not.

I stood Janae on the ground and happened to glance at my dress. My dress that I had made a couple years ago and never worn. My dress that wasn't wrinkled or anything when I put in on that morning. "How convenient" I had mused earlier as I rushed around getting my family ready for Church. My dress that was supposed to be finished. And what should I find as I stood in the Church parking lot but that my dress was missing a hem. THE hem.

There were no extra hems in the van or in the diaper bag and I knew I couldn't borrow one from anyone at Church. So, I went home. Again. And I got a dress with a hem this time.

So, tonight when we leave for Church the first time, you can bet my husband will double check for his Bible and I'll be sure to check for my hem.


Pat VE said...

Couldn't you have descretely sat down and used a hymn?

BrittLeigh said...

My dear Pat, it's quite impossible to sit in a circle of ladies during sunday school--all of whom are probably in all the country about the most skilled and educated in hemming and hems--and not have one's unhemmed dress go unnoticed. Horrors.

---Court's secretary... hehe :D

Jessica said...

Good thing you live more or less close to church!
Great story...maybe you should start carrying a couple of dozen safety pins in the diaper bag!

Rachel said...

Ah, Courtney! We can always count on a visit to your blog bringing a few smiles and laughs!

And I'd highly recommend keeping a roll of duct tape handy. We've found it holds a hem in place beautifully! (I guess another 'Wissmann secret' is out!) When you discover a hem is out only 5 minutes before a scheduled service, you have to get creative -- and fast!!!

Thanks for the smiles...

Tania said...

I got quite a laugh out of this.
Though it is quite late and all of my boys are sleeping, so I had to laugh as quiet as possible. Thanks!