Thursday, March 01, 2007

Kid Klips

Never Believe A Two Year Old
Just before naptime, I instructed Landon to go potty before getting in bed.

"I already went potty," he informed me.

I assured him it was okay to go potty again, even if he already did.

He sighed heavily, "But Mom, I just did go potty!" he said and then went on to explain, "lastnight when it was dark, I went potty."

A Fitting Name
Landon does not call our new pet guinea pig a guinea pig; rather, she's a "bunny pig." And Janae calls her a "puppy pig." (every creature to her is a puppy.)

Potty Chair Privacy
Landon was busy doing business on the potty chair when Toby walked in to check on him.

"How's it going Landon?" Toby asks the quiet, sullen boy.

"Fine. It's going," Landon says expressionlessly as he lifts his hanging head. "Will you please leave Dad?"

Let It Snow
Though he dislikes playing in it, is struck with a major case of cabin fever, and is anxiously waiting summer, as he looked out the window at all the melting snow recently, Landon came to one conclusion...

"We need more snow Mom."

Grandparents Bring Jesus
Confusing visits with grandparents being only in connection with Christmas, when I told Landon that Grandpa and Grandma would come to our house when the baby was born, he asked, "And Baby Jesus will be here?"

I Don't See The Moon And It Doesn't See Me
Traveling home from church one evening, I heard from the back seat...

"MOM!" Landon gasped. "I can't find the moooooon," He wailed sadly, completely over taken by the tragicness of the situation.

"Well, its probably just above the van and you can't see it yet," I informed him, hoping he would cheer up a little.

"But, I can't find it!" He worriedly said then sighed and concluded with, "It's prolly still at Church."

In Style
When explaining to Landon one cold, winter day that a short sleeved shirt was intended for hot weather, I never imagined how he'd end up taking that explanation.

A few days later, he came out of his room with a short sleeved shirt on, seemingly pleased with it.

"I just love my hot shirt, Mom," he said as he strutted past me.

The Sunday Dollar
Considering we normally use plastic or check books to pay for our everyday purchases, we usually only have cash on hand for the Sunday Church offering. Because of this, real cash in Landon's mind is only for Sundays.

While playing with his cash register and looking for his play money, I heard him exclaim, "I can't find my Sunday Dollar."


Anonymous said...

If it still as muddy there as the last report from SVE I think L. might be right - you do need more snow- it is garneteed to make things nice and white again. (Just postpoining the muck until a later date.) Wouldn't it be nice to have a "Red Sea " experience - the wind blew and the mess all dried up in one night. The rest of the experience is not part of my wishes.

Getting more of the white stuff here in Wpg. today. It has been so mild the last week and a half it is really nice to go out for walks or skiing - even for the old Oma.

A. Jean "n Wpg.

Coeur d'Court said...

Wow! Skiing Aunt Jean? :) You are a true Canadian!

I do agree... snow does help make things white and pretty again. Although, a Red Sea experience sure would be nice once the snow has melted. We're getting 6-9" of snow right now and everything is white and coated with a nice layer of snow. Even the trees. So pretty but sure won't be fun when it melts again.

Thanks for the comment!

BrittLeigh said...

Oh man, he makes me laugh so hard I cry!!!! I love the one about leaving the moon at church :) :) :)

Anonymous said...

Very cute quotes, Courtney! Now you have this collection of kiddie says preserved for future reference and memories. I am sad to say that you do forget these cute little things. I thought I would remember, but I can't. So good going.

I also like your post about your love for your hubby. The place looks very familiar.
- Desiree

Happymama said...

Those are so cute. We have a new puppy pig too. LOL

I just found out about this place
from Heather's blog at Just Laugh. It would be so neat to put all of your funny sayings into a book for the kids for when they're older.


joygirl said...

He's hilarious!!! My favorite one was about his 'hot' shirt :D.
If he ever thinks he needs more snow, he should come here!

Lois said...

Hi, thought I'd say I do read your blog, though I do think you know that...=) And I enjoy all that you write... knowing one day I will be there too. Sounds fun... but know of trying days too. Anyway... my company just got here so need to go.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ccourtney,

Lest you get the wrong picture - the skiing is cross country and doesn't require too much skill. Takes some energy and last Sat. when we were out doing some I just ran out of energy before we completed the course so had to go real slwo and take frequent breaks.

The nice thing was some other gentleman that was skiing noticed my struggle and came back to check up on me. He commented that we older folks have to look out for one another. I was actually out there with my ambitious husband to look after me.

I love the winter and enjoy getting out side. Winter can be fairly long up here so one has to try and enjoy the things it gives us. Staying in all the time leads to 'cabin fever'.

I guess this is enough yakking for one day. A. Jean 'n Wpg.