Friday, March 23, 2007

Kid Klips

The Right Idea On Time
While Landon was playing with his sister, I heard him happily exclaim,

"Thank God for every minute!"

The Equal To Inside Out Plus Backwards
After Janae plopped herself down on a sled and happened to land facing backwards, Landon half chuckled and said, "Huh! You're 'onside' backwards, Jea."

Sun And Hot Are Synonymous
As an airplane flew overhead on a cooler Spring day, Landon and Janae put their hands up haphazardly on their foreheads, an attempt at blocking the bright sky while watching the plane. Landon informed me just then that he does that now when a plane goes by. I asked him why and he said, "Because it's hot out."

A Good Reason To Get Remarried
While intently staring at a wedding picture of friends, Landon was admiring the bride's bouquet.

"You should get one of these, Mom," he said, pointing at the flowers.

"Oh, I already had one of those when I got married," I informed him.

"Well, get married again," he said.

Birthday Fun Confusion

I had just told Landon that we were going to go to his cousin's birthday party the next day.

"Are we going to watch him wrap presents, Mom?" he asked.


Bethany said...

You have such clever kids, Courtney! I love reading all their cute comments and observations! Thank you for recording them where we can all enjoy them, too!

Anonymous said...

if we all could be as smart and as clear minded as a child

Goldfish said...

Cute!!! Kids are so funny (especially when they don't know it)!