Saturday, March 03, 2007

Still Sick

I made a mistake when I said in my Sick House post that this sickness wasn't as bad as I expected.

It's ended up being worse.

Since last Sunday afternoon, we have had one barrage after another of fevers, coughs and typical flu-like symptoms. We even went to the doctor 2 days into this. And I hardly ever take the kids to the doctor unless its life threatening.

And this time it was. Janae was so congested, she could hardly breathe. That has since improved thanks to a dear friend lending us her nebulizer -- thanks Sarah! -- and I made a tea of thyme leaves and kept that steaming in her face for most of that day.

Even Landon is running high fevers, which for him is unusual. Plus, he has a really annoying (for him) cough that seems to jump out of no where at any given time.

Everyday is a new story too. I've never seen such unpredictability, all within the confines of "the flu."

One night they'll both be up coughing and coughing and coughing and then crying from coughing so hard. The next night, they'll both be lethargically sleeping in their beds with 103+ fevers. Janae even had a fever hit 105 degrees. I'm not sure what's worse; the constant coughing or the high fevers.

We routinely give the kids tepid baths, take temps often and rub Vicks on congested chests.

When Janae gets bored or just happens to think of it, she'll run into the bathroom and yell for a bath. It's quite comical with how addicted she's getting to her tub -- tepid water and all. I think it's the boats and "the guys" she has in her tub to play with. I figured out this week after so many baths that Noah and his wife are affectionately referred to as "the guys."

Both Landon and Janae have grown quite accustomed to having a thermometer stuck under their arms. When they see it coming, they'll willingly put their arm in the air, let me stick the cold, pointy stick in their arm pit and then wait for the beeper to go off. This is quite unusual for both of them since in the past, temperature taking was always a very traumatic thing for them. Yes, even under the arm. Don't even mention rectal readings. We gave those up unless the fever spiked really high and it was either call 911 or check the temp rectally.

Thankfully, Toby was off work most of the week due to the weather so I haven't had to brave this on my own. I typically take the night shift and then he takes the morning phase. It works out well. Except, usually the kids are the sickest at night and because I was up and down so much with them, I'm not sure how much restful sleep Toby ends up getting.

About mid-week, both Toby and I started feeling pretty bad but thankfully, that wore off within a day or so. I am so relieved. I think from all the noses I've wiped, all the snotty, feverish faces I've kissed and all the puke I've had on me, I must be naturally inoculated to this flu bug. (knock on wood...)

I thought the kids were better but now again today, Janae is running a fever and Landon gradually accumulated a temperature of 104.6. It's a bit scary to put them to bed when such high temps are ravaging their bodies. And it gets worse when you have to leave their side and go to your own bed and "rest" in sleep. Yeah right.

I never knew being a mom was so hard until this week. Even in my sleep, I can't rest. As Landon and Janae brave this wicked bug, it seems as if there is a constant threat on their lives that only a mom is supposed to defeat. Only she has the key to whole wellness.

But, as I listen to the constant coughing and continue to drain Tylenol and Motrin bottles and still no relief, I wonder how successful I have been in defeating this. To put it honestly, this flu is endless. Eternal. Everlasting. And I can't get rid of it! Instead of it being defeated, I'm beginning to think that maybe I'm the defeated one.

All of you who are praying for us, thank you so much. I have to say that even though the kids aren't well yet, they aren't worse. It's this plateau that is getting difficult to figure out. There has to be a magic button I can push somewhere to miraculously knock the kids off this level and put them on a healthy one.

Tomorrow marks the 1 week anniversary since this epidemic started. I'm hoping we can celebrate it with health and wellness for all.


BrittLeigh said...

Awwwww, so sad :'(

(((HUGS))) to the sickhouse. Get better soon!!

Sarah VE said...

Sorry it is still going on for you Courtney. I have been such a neglegant friend that I haven't even called you to see how you are holding out.
I will be praying for you that you will be able to see the end of the sickness soon!!!.

Anonymous said...

aw poor family *get well soon*, what you were saying about janae the congestion, sounds like what my brother had which turned out to be croup, sometimes going outside in cold air helps!

Owen Family said...

tough stuff those coughs, congestions, and fevers! I'll be praying that it passes quickly!


Elizabeth Ellen Moore said...

I am praying for them! My brother had a high fever for a full week, but he is much better now. I am sure the happy and restful end is in sight for your family as well.

Happymama said...

OH, poor babies. Those first two shots were pitiful. I hope you're all on the mend soon.