Saturday, March 17, 2007

Kid Klips

Learning Important Geography
While looking at a globe and memorizing states, Landon was full of questions -- and answers...

"Where's Nebraska?" I asked him.

He promptly put his finger on the state.

"Where's Grandma and Grandpa?" he asked me. I pointed to Wisconsin.

"And... where's Walmart?" he asked.

Sibling Rivalry
"Mom, Janae has Bertie," Landon complained to me while playing with his Thomas Train set.

"You're going to have to wait until Janae is done playing with it," I reminded him.

"Can you put Janae to bed?" he asked, knowing then she'd be done playing with it.

"No Landon... you wait until she puts Bertie down and then you can have a turn with him."

Landon turned to Janae and said, "Drop it, Janae."

Definition Of A Short Nap
While putting Landon down for a nap one day, he was rather reluctant to surrender himself to an afternoon of sleep.

"Can I just take a little bit nap, Mom?"

Coffee "Breaker"
One morning Landon was grinding coffee beans for me. He stopped for a second, looked through the clear top and said, "Whoa! They broke!"

Don't Wait For The Clouds; Buy A New Moon
As we were getting out of the van one night, Landon noticed the moonless sky.

"Where's the moon?" He asked with concern.

I explained it was under a cloud.

"Oh," he said, "we can just get another moon at Walmart then."

What Else?
Landon was taking his time eating supper one night.

"What's in your mouth?" Toby asked him. Landon opened his mouth and showed it was empty.

"Landon, you need to keep putting 'that' in your mouth," Toby instructed, pointing to the plate of food.

Trying to show interest, Landon responded with, "Like food?"


Anonymous said...

Is Wal-Mart the only store in Lincoln? It seems Landon is sure that everything can be "got' there. Kids get some really cute ideas sometimes. A. Jean

Coeur d'Court said...

I know... Walmart to him is half the world, I think. :) We only go there once a week at the most but usually it's a family affair so I think that's why it's so high on his list. Menards is another store he'll talk about too but not quite as often.

Rachel Marie said...

*still laughing*

Thanks for sharing... those were so funny!

BrittLeigh said...

I remember when Me-ards was the place to get everything.

By the way, I'm laughing. That kid is way too funny. I need to call him one of these days.

Sarah VE said...

I can always count on getting a good laugh or a pick me up when I read your blog. Thanks

Acts 2:17-18 said...

great posts of our adorable grandson!!! Luv it!!!